What Mark Harmon Told Diona Reasonover About Her First-Ever ‘NCIS’ Script

Diona Reasonover has been a member of the NCIS family, playing forensic scientist Kasie Hines since season 16 after recurring in three episodes the previous year, but tonight she adds a new credit to her NCIS resumed as the co-author of the “Turkey Trot” episode along with executive producer Scott Williams🇧🇷

“I’m glad to say I actually came to them, and I said, ‘I have a great idea,’” Reasonover tells parade in this exclusive interview, “and I listed my idea and they said, ‘Ooh, no.’ And then I gave them four more. I bothered Scott Williams, who wrote Kasie’s first episode, and I said, ‘I love your writing. I’d love to write with you if you’d let me.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, bring me ideas.’ And together we wove this idea of ​​expanding Katrina Law‘s (Jessica Knight) family together.”


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