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If you woke up this morning and noticed your LG phone isn’t working on T-Mobile and Metro, or you’re constantly getting an ‘LG IMS’ has stopped error, you’re not alone. Both LG and T-Mobile are investigating the issue, and we have a fix that might help.

Update, 5/27/22: According to several reports, T-Mobile was the one to blame and has issued an update to fix this problem. Users should reboot their LG phone to apply the fix, or T-Mobile will push it out to affected devices.

For those unaware, LG closed its mobile division back in 2021 and stopped making phones. However, the company did continue sending security updates out and even promised Android 12 software updates for select devices.

Unfortunately, it looks like old LG devices on T-Mobile are experiencing a widespread issue that’s leaving most devices completely unusable. Reports have flooded T-Mobile support lines, Reddit, and twitterand T-Mobile has already confirmed that LG is working on a fix.

‘LG IMS has stopped’ Error Message

LG IMS has stopped error on T-Mobile fix

Reports started emerging yesterday on Reddit and from the T-Mo Report regarding users getting a weird ‘LG IMS has stopped’ error message. This happens over and over, continuously, every few seconds, making devices giant paperweights.

Owners have tried doing a factory data reset and erasing everything on the phone, which does not fix the issue. Instead, you’ll want to wait for T-Mobile and LG to find a solution or try our fix below. So, what is the ‘LG IMS has stopped’ error message, and what does it mean?

LG’s IMS is a framework that handles text messages and phone calls for LG smartphones. This app, or running service, is critical to devices being able to communicate with T-Mobile. However, something has changed with T-Mobile or LG, and it’s causing massive problems.

We’re not sure who’s to blame, but considering it’s only happening on T-Mobile makes us wonder if the carrier changed something internally. Either way, the T-Mobile Help Twitter account keeps saying LG will have a fix ready later tonight.

Obviously, having a non-functional phone until later tonight isn’t ideal. And while we’re hopeful that LG or T-Mobile can get it fixed before then, you can also try the fix below that appears to work for most users.

How to Fix the ‘LG IMS has stopped’ Error on T-Mobile Phones

While owners have tried several different things to fix the problem, most of them don’t work, and the error message either continues or returns in a matter of minutes. That said, according to Reddit, this solution appears to fix the error message. Follow these steps:

  • turn on Airplane mode on your LG phone to stop the error popups
  • Enable Wi-Fi Calling in settings > calls (or search Wi-Fi calling in the settings menu)
  • Next, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > and select App Info
  • Click the 3-dots menu button at the top right and click on Show System
  • find and tap on com.lge.ims.rcsproviderthen select Storage
  • Next, tap on clear cachethen Clear data/storageand then hit force stop

You’ll see these options after tapping on com.lge.ims.rcsprovider, although they’re hiding under the “storage” setting on some LG phones. If you get the ‘LG IMS’ error during the process, don’t worry. Hit “close app” and just keep following the steps above.

According to several comments on Reddit, you may need to follow the last step more than once and repeat the clear cache/data process multiple times. The initial commenter suggests doing it at least five times, but that seems unnecessary unless the error message continues.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the steps above will fix the problem. Nor will turning on airplane mode prevent the error popup from happening repeatedly. If it does, you’ll need to clear the error and continue with the steps quickly.

Again, both T-Mobile and LG are aware of the problem and are actively working on a solution. And if you’re using something like an older LG G5 or G6, or any LG phone for that matter, it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade.

via AndroidPolice

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