Ukraine latest: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile waive international call and texting charges

Cell phone carriers Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are making it easier for customers to stay connected with their loved ones in Eastern Europe by waiving international call and texting charges.

Verizon’s international calling, texting and in-country data charges will be waived for customers in several countries through March 10, according to the carrier. This impacts consumer and business wireless customers making calls and sending messages to and from Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine, according to Verizon.


Residential landline customers will also have international charges waived to those countries, the company said, adding that “customers do not have to take any action to take advantage of these offers.”

Local militiaman Valery, 37, carries a child as he helps a fleeing family across a bridge destroyed by artillery on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 2. 2022. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti/AP Newsroom)

“Given the ongoing situation in Eastern Europe, Verizon is expanding its relief offer in order to keep its customers connected to friends and loved ones in the affected areas,” the company said.

Likewise, T-Mobile announced that it waived international long-distance and international roaming charges for calls and text messages that are being made to and from the United States, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

This applies to all T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid consumer and business customers as well as T-Mobile prepaid and Metro customers through March 9, according to T-Mobile.

“We recognize that many T-Mobile customers and their loved ones may be impacted by the events taking place in Ukraine,” the company said last week right after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. “As this situation evolves and the need for reliable connectivity increases, we are offering support to those who need it.”

Through March 7, AT&T is also “waiving international roaming charges to provide talk, text and data from Ukraine to anywhere in the world,” which includes AT&T Postpaid and Liberty Mobile customers, according to the carrier.

US AT&T consumer and business customers will also get unlimited long-distance calling to Ukraine. This includes all consumer and business AT&T Postpaid & Prepaid wireless customers in addition to consumer VoIP and landline customers.

According to AT&T, customers may still receive alerts, but their accounts will reflect the credits or waived charges.


All three carriers have also launched a text-to-donate campaign to help customers donate to causes supporting those impacted by the war on Ukraine such as UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee and the Salvation Army National Corporation.

Verizon customers can text UKRAINE to 80100 to make a one-time $10 donation to UNICEF, which will help fund “trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas, prepositioning health and hygiene supplies and working with municipalities to ensure help for children and families in need ,” Verizon said.

The donation will also help “provide psychosocial support, learning services and emergency cash assistance,” according to the company.


A Polish border guard assists refugees from Ukraine as they arrive to Poland at the Korczowa border crossing Feb. 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski/AP Newsroom)

Texting UKRAINE to 52000 will issue a one-time $10 donation to the Salvation Army National Corporation.

“Your donation will provide food, clothes, blankets, shelter and spiritual care to the affected families and individuals who have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge,” Verizon said.

Additionally, texting UKRAINE to 25383 will issue a one-time $25 donation to the International Rescue Committee, which is working to provide food, medical care and emergency supplies to refugee families in Ukraine, Verizon said.

Similarly, T-Mobile said its customers can also text UKRAINE to 25383 to make a one-time $25 donation to the International Rescue Committee and UKRAINE to 80100 to make a one-time $10 donation to support UNICEF.

For AT&T customers, texting UKRAINE to 25383 will issue a one-time donation of $25 to the International Rescue Committee. Texting UKRAINE to 80100 will issue a one-time donation of $10 to UNICEF and texting UKRAINE to 52000 will issue a one-time donation of $10 to The Salvation Army National Corporation.

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