Turkish cyber security software on its way to global markets

After its famed unmanned aerial vehicles, Türkiye is preparing to make a name for itself again in the defense industry, this time through exports of cybersecurity solutions. The technological tools are developed by a domestic company that embraces the “zero trust approach” and puts forward new generation security solutions.

The issue of cyber security is widely known to have been gaining ever-growing importance around the world. This is reflected in the fact that the number of cyber security breach cases worldwide is estimated to have exceeded 40 billion in 2021.

The global cyber security market has grown rapidly in the last 10 years due to the increasing awareness of cyber security breaches and new generation threats. So much so that global cybersecurity market size is predicted to reach $376.3 billion by 2029 and exhibit an annual growth rate of around 13.4% during this period.

Noteworthy cooperation has been signed in Türkiye that will enable domestically produced solutions to take a larger share in this rapidly growing global market.

The world’s leading IT solutions distributor, Tech Data A TD SYNNEX Türkiye and technology manufacturer DataFlowX, which offers new generation cyber security solutions, announced that they have signed a distribution agreement.

With this agreement, the new generation cyber security solutions developed by DataFlowX with the “zero trust architecture” approach, ensuring the protection of critical infrastructures and secure data communication between networks, will be offered to the Turkish market first and then to global customers in the medium term through Tech Data.

Thus, following in the footsteps of Türkiye’s famed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), cyber security solutions will now also be exported more for the critical sectors.

Developed by Turkish engineers

Behçet Yumrukçallı, general manager of Tech Data A TD SYNNEX Company Türkiye, stressed that one of the most prominent approaches in the field of cyber security today is the “zero trust architecture approach.”

“Generally, a network is assumed to be secure unless security systems detect a breach, but the zero trust architecture approach assumes that a network is not always secure even if no breach is detected. It recognizes that every transaction, data and identity is unreliable. We find it very valuable that DataFlowX produces products in accordance with this approach, which is rapidly adopted all over the world, with domestic means,” said Yumrukçallı.

He said one of their goals is to support the growth and globalization of local enterprises operating in the field of cyber security.

“As Tech Data A TD SYNNEX Company, our goal is for more than 600 of our business partners to benefit from our strength and achieve maximum value in the data economy. At this point, we aim to position DataFlowX’s domestic products in many different sectors in our country first, and then expand their use abroad,” Yumrukçallı added.

Zero trust architecture

For his part, DataFlowX General Manager Burak Çifter said the digital world, which continues to develop rapidly, provides convenience in all areas of daily lives but also brings significant risks.

“Technology is at the center of all services for institutions to securely obtain, process and store data from digital media, to transmit them quickly to the relevant units, and to ensure that this flow does not stop. Today, however, the need for inter-system integration makes it impossible for sensitive and critical networks to remain completely shut down. This requires next-generation solutions for sensitive networks to perform data exchanges without compromising the “Zero Trust Architecture,” said Çifter.

In line with this need of institutions operating in the fields of energy, finance, production and defense, Çifter noted that DataFlowX provides hardware-based and physical-level isolation of sensitive and critical networks with its “Inter-network Secure Information Gateway Solution Family, ” consisting of DataDiodeX, the first and only new generation data diode in the local market, and DataBrokerX, an inter-network security gateway.

“While doing this, we also ensure that data can be exchanged safely without compromising this security measure. We are pleased to cooperate with Tech Data, a leading global distributor and solution aggregator of the IT ecosystem, so that our business partners can easily, efficiently and securely benefit from all these solutions we offer and strengthen their security portfolios with cyber defense solutions,” said Cifter.

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