This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Hello Astra Militarum!

We are headed to the Grimdark with the long awaited Astra Militarum and a lot more. Take a look at these prices.

It’s a return to Grimdark with a big set of new GW products for the Astra Militarum. Here come the latest releases.

All these items are up for pre-order January 21. Street date is January 28.

Codex Astra Militarum: $55 €42.50 £32.50

“Dark clouds gather over a divided Imperium, and the billions-strong Astra Militarum is the last line of defense against total chaos. This codex includes all the lore and rules you need to wield the Hammer of the Emperor, bringing massive firepower to bear with ranks of human soldiers and armored vehicles.”

Datacards Astra Militarum: $29 €22 £17

“Keep track of your Stratagems, psychic powers, and your expanded list of Regimental Orders – Commissars get their own now! – with this pack of 63 reference cards.”

Astra Militarum Dice: $35 €29 £22

“Roll your masses of lasgun attacks in style with this set of 15 acrylic dice, cast in metallic green plastic with shining gold pips and the winged skull of the Astra Militarum on the six face.”

Leman Russ Battle Tank: $60 €50 £37.50

“Equally as versatile, the Leman Russ is a mainstay of Imperial Guard regiments and can be outfitted to tackle almost any enemy you might encounter. There are turret options for the Leman Russ Battle Tank, Demolisher, Executioner, Vanquisher, Eradicator, Punisher, and Exterminator variants included in one set for the first time, plus sponson weapon choices and a huge transfer sheet packed with regimental icons.”

Cadian Command Squad: $45 €35 £27.50

“Guardsmen can flag a little when left to their own devices, and it’s the job of the Cadian Command Squad to direct their efforts with orders. The Platoon Commander empowers nearby infantry, while the medic, standard bearer, and vox-caster add their own unique boons to the mix.”

sentinel: $45 €35 £27.50

“Sentinels sweep through rough terrain at high speed, conducting reconnaissance and harassing enemy flanks with surprisingly heavy weapons for their size. Keep your pilots safe in an Armored Sentinel, or get an extra burst of speed with the Scout Sentinel. They can both mount a giant chainsaw arm – do you need anything else?”

Cadian Heavy Weapons Squad: $50 €40 €30

“Firepower is the name of the game in the Emperor’s armies, and this unit of three Heavy Weapons Teams is a great way to add an extra punch to your army. Each team can be assembled with a mortar, missile launcher, heavy bolter, autocannon, or lascannon, so you can tailor your troops to whatever you need blown to smithereens.”

baneblade: $170 €130 £100

“Eight different super-heavy tanks owe their lineage to the venerable Baneblade chassis, and every single one can be built with the contents of this box. Not only that, but the kit now contains an extra sponson sprue, allowing you to make the full range of weapon options from one box. Pick your favorite from the Baneblade, Banehammer, Banesword, Doomhammer, Hellhammer, Shadowsword, Stormlord, or Stormsword tanks, and crush your enemies beneath mighty adamantium treads.”

Rogal Dorn Battle Tank: $90 €70 £55

“Baneblade too big for your garage? Leman Russ not got quite enough oomph? Enter the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank, a steel behemoth packing enough firepower to wipe out entire companies of cultists – take your pick of two big guns or one really big gun, on top of many other smaller and medium-sized guns.”

Lord Castellan Ursual Creed: $45 €35 £27.50

“Ursula J Creed is every bit her father’s daughter – an indomitable will holding the soldiers of Cadia together through thick and thin. She’s a force multiplier on the battlefield, issuing multiple orders every turn and squeezing every drop of potential from the Guardsmen under her command.

Cadian Shock Troops: $50 €40 €30

“The Cadian Shock Troops are the model on which many other regiments are based, and for good reason. These dependable soldiers pack multiple special weapons and are especially good at stoically holding the line on objectives with their lasguns blazing.”

Lord Solar Leontus: $60 €45 €35

“Lord Solar Leontus is the supreme commander of the Astra Militarum in the Segmentum Solar, a brilliant strategist and quite handy in a fight. Astride his biomechanical steed Konstantin, he directs his armies from the front line, and can be found getting stuck into the thick of combat just as often as he organizes entire crusades from the war room.”

Astra Militarum Psyker: $33.50 €24£19

“Primaris Psykers are a cut above the regular sanctioned chaff fed to the front lines by the Imperial war machine – wielding the warp to strip flesh and sear bones. This sought-after miniature was previously only available as part of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and has now been released on its own for the first time.”

Astra Militarum Field Ordinance Battery: $55 €42.50 £32.50

“Field Ordnance Batteries are an invaluable support asset. Each pack of two has three different weapon options each – the malleus rocket launcher, heavy lascannon, or bombast field gun.”

For the Emperor!


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