The Google Pixel 7 finally made me give up my iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has been the singular iOS phone for the longest time, and many of us have wished for a worthy Android equivalent for years. And while there have been quite a few incredible Android phones that offered and continue to offer some solid competition to the iPhone on multiple fronts. But I’m talking about a different kind of iPhone competitor here. One from Google, a pure Android experience that is coherent, smooth, and has at least some of that ecosystem charm.


Google’s phones have come in a variety of flavors over the years. We had the Nexus lineup, which was great, but not a true Google phone. Then there were the Google Play Edition devices, which were also great, but it just feels wrong to be a hefty upcharge for the luxury of getting a phone without tons of bloatware. The latest in the line is the Pixel lineup, which is finally the Google phone we’ve always wanted. With the latest Google Pixel 7 Pro, Google created a device that’s worthy of wooing away iPhone loyalists. Here’s why it made me ditch my iPhone.

The dilemma of iPhone versus Android

The great debate of the iPhone versus an Android is perhaps as common on the internet as cat pictures, but there’s no answer to it. It all boils down to preference. As someone whose smartphone obsession started from tinkering with custom firmware on phones in the Symbian days, Android was my first choice of a smartphone OS. However, over the years, as iPhones became more persuasive and my smartphone usage grew to require very little tinkering, I’ve come to enjoy iPhones.

After a couple of below-average Android phone experiences, I ended up sticking to the iPhone. There are a lot of compromises with the iPhone, but it worked best for my usage, and I barely ever faced any hiccups, which isn’t something I can say about the Android phones I’ve owned in recent years, which have come from a variety of brands. As such, I was dead set on continuing to use iPhones, that is, until the Google Pixel 7 Pro came around.

Why the Pixel 7 Pro is the most tempting one yet


For someone like me who loves the versatility of Android but also wants an “it just works: phone, the Pixel series has always caught my attention. It has remained evasive, though, even as I’ve switched back and forth between iPhone to Android phones.However, with the Pixel 7 Pro, Google makes an offer you can’t refuse.

Does it top the spec sheet and benchmarks race? Nope. There are plenty of other Android phones for that. Instead, it takes a near-perfect phone that was the Pixel 6 Pro and improves upon nearly every minor complaint we had with Google’s 2021 flagship. One the Google Pixel 7 Pro you get a more refined design, improved cameras, and a solid fingerprint sensor. So far, the Pixel 7 Pro is also off to a smoother start than it’s predecssor, and we’re cautiously optimistic that Google got all the bugs out of its 2022 phones.

The Pixel 7 Pro came in at a time when I wasn’t thinking about moving away from my iPhone 13 Mini, but it managed to make quite the impression. The design finally looked complete, especially with that exquisite Hazel color. The performance and thermals improved, and, the biggest of them all, wider availability and a reasonable price.

Why I ditched my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

To be honest, availability played a big part into my decision to consciously uncouple from my iPhone 13. This is the first time in a while that Google has made a Pixel phone this widely available. For my home market, India, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Pro were the last flagship Pixel phones we saw officially launched. And after 4 long years, Google finally re-entered the market— first with the Google Pixel 6a making its Indian debut in the summer of 2022, then with the Google Pixel 7 series a few months later

The US pricing for the phone was already attractive, and Google didn’t inflate the India pricing too much. On top of that, there were pre-order offers, which put the phone’s price slightly under the $899 price tag for India, which isn’t all that common, and about a full $124 cheaper than the iPhone 14’s price in India, for Apple’s least expensive model. That’s an amazing offer when you consider that the Pixel you get at this price is the flagship Pro model.

It seemed like a value-for-money deal, and so far, in my usage, it has been proven to be exactly that. The Pixel 7 Pro is a heck of a phone for the price. The hardware is of top quality, the software is the cleanest and smartest I’ve seen in all my years of using Android, and the camera doesn’t make me miss my iPhone, which is saying a lot.

Not having much HomeKit-enabled smart home equipment also means the Home experience on this phone is better for me. The AI ​​bits are also rather useful, and I’ve had an overall better experience with them than the Apple equivalents. For the most part, this phone works.

There are a few misses, but the Google Pixel 7 Pro is worth the switch


The Google Pixel 7 Pro and Android aren’t perfect, so there are a few things I miss after saying goodbye to my iPhone 13 mini. The biggest issue I have with the platform is Android Auto: compared to CarPlay, Android Auto offers a mediocre and inconsistent experience. While the latest Android Auto update with split-screen seems promising, I’m not getting my hopes up until I actually get a chance to try it.

My other issues with the Google Pixel 7 and Android are much easier to look past. The charging is slow compared to most flagship Android phones, but pretty much on par with the iPhone. Video performance could be better, but it’s perfectly fine for my usage. All-in-all, the Pixel has been fantastic, and for the first time in a while, I don’t miss having an iPhone all that much.

The Google Pixel 7 series offer the best of Android at an affordable price, and I only hope that Google can keep up the momentum. It seems to have a solid formula at work here and a phone that feels like it has a definite identity instead of being the generic option. If Google keeps this going, it will only mean good things for Android phones on the whole.

Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel

Source: Google

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is an admirable successor to the 2021’s Pixel 6 Pro. A refined refined design and improved cameras are its main selling points, though many smaller tweaks lend themselves to making this a near-perfect smartphone.

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