The Sims 4’s Big Baby Update Is Looking Promising

screenshot: AND THE The latest Behind the Sims Summit gave a look at what’s to come for the life sim franchise across The Sims 4, mobile games The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay, and The Sims 5 (we mean Project Rene). And yes, babies that aren’t objects will come soon. When are babies coming … Read more

You Can Still Play Hi-Fi Rush If You Suck At Rhythm Games

Image: Tango Gameworks Do you have two left feet? Are you the family member no one wants to see on the dance floor during a wedding? Have you or a loved one been subject to a serious injury because you were trying to find the beat? If any of the above describes you, you might … Read more

Better Horror 15 Years Ago

Feeling excited, I wait for my PlayStation 5 to flicker on so I can go somewhere I haven’t before, the USG Ishimura, splattered with fresh blood by Motive Studio for its Dead Space remake, released January 27. The mining ship has always been the gray spinal cord to trigger-happy horror Dead Spaceoriginally released in 2008 … Read more

Dead Space’s 2023 Remake Makes Immersion Its Greatest Asset

Image: Motive/EA Visceral Games’ Dead Space felt like a shot in the arm for survival horror games when it was originally released in 2008. The franchise has always been fondly remembered, so when EA revealed that Motive was working on a remake of the first game, it felt exciting to hear after the series stumbled … Read more

Smash Bros Pro Hurt Jumping From Illegal Taxi On Way To Tourney

Just trying to get away from the fakes.Image: nintendo A big fighting game tournament, Genesis 9, took place from January 20-23 in San Jose, California. Top talent from around the world, including Super Smash Bros. competitors Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, gathered at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to play games like … Read more

Call Of Duty’s Next Season Undoes What Warzone 2.0 Fans Hate

Image: Activision / Kotaku season two for call of duty‘s Modern Warfare II multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 arrives on February 15. official blog from yesterday details the many changes we can expect for the game’s various modes, some of which ought to make fans of the original Warzone very, very happy people. Ya’ll didn’t just … Read more

The Queen Of Elden Ring Keeps Finding New Ways To Beat The Game

Image: FromSoftware / MissMikkaa / Kotaku At the start of 2023, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa made headlines for beating Elden Ring‘s notorious rot queen, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, with two completely different controllers at the same time. It was a ridiculous feat of dexterity and focus, but would you believe this method of play was how … Read more

Destiny 2 Feels Like It’s Held Together With Duct Tape Lately

Image: Bungie / Kotaku / Kat Ka (Shutterstock) Free-to-play online MMO looter shooter destiny 2released in 2017, is one of my favorite video games. I play it all the time. I have multiple characters. I own all the recent seasons. It’s fantastic. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned for the game’s … Read more

The Last Of Us Tess tendril kiss

Anna Torv, Bella Ramsey, and Pedro PascalPhoto: Liane Hentscher/HBO [Spoiler warning: The following discusses events from the second episode of the first season of The Last Of Us. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to wait until you have before reading on.] Whether you’ve played the game or not, the end of “Infected”—the … Read more

Smash Bros. Player’s Controller Toss At Tourney Riles Community

Genesis 9, a major fighting game tournament, took place over the weekend. There were stellar combos and massive upsets as the supermajor event for Super Smash Bros. melee and ultimate concluded on January 22. Unfortunately, while the tournament was underway, one of Canada’s top Kazuya players, Michael “Riddles” Kim, sparked some heated discourse in ultimate‘s … Read more