Who should “win” this season of The Bachelor?

The BachelorPhoto: ABC/Craig Sjodin Though it’s ostensibly about “dating” or “finding love,” ABC’s The Bachelor is inherently a competition that a group of 30 or so people are all trying to win—though what it means to “win” means something different to each person. Oh sure, they all say they’re there to meet their true love … Read more

Rest in Peace s11 ep24

Photo🇧🇷 Jace Downs/AMC Friends, zombies, countrymen, lend me your ears! I have come to bury The Walking Dead, not to praise it. I haven’t come to trash-talk it either, actually. But it feels important to note that the zombified version of TWD that has been shambling around our TV screens for years has had its … Read more

Variant Season 11 Episode 19

photo: Jace Downs/AMC If I told you the best part of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was a doorknob, would you believe me? Because it’s true, but that sounds like a bigger knock against “Variant” than I mean it to be. It was a pretty cool doorknob. While still happy to take its sweet … Read more