Who should “win” this season of The Bachelor?

The BachelorPhoto: ABC/Craig Sjodin Though it’s ostensibly about “dating” or “finding love,” ABC’s The Bachelor is inherently a competition that a group of 30 or so people are all trying to win—though what it means to “win” means something different to each person. Oh sure, they all say they’re there to meet their true love … Read more

What Kind of Man Was Anthony Bourdain?

“Travel isn’t always pretty,” Anthony Bourdain once said, wrapping up an episode of one of his shows in his distinct staccato voice-over. “It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts; it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you.” Over his 15 or so years on television, Bourdain took Americans to places they … Read more

Do the Kardashians even need a show anymore?

(From left) Khloé, Kim, and Kendall KardashianPhoto🇧🇷 Courtesy of Hulu Now that season two of The Kardashians has wrapped on Hulu, we’ve got a lot of questions. And not about what happened this season, or what to expect in the next one. No, we’re actually trying to figure out bigger picture stuff here. Like just … Read more

Rick And Morty Creator’s New Game Is Best Played Stoned

Surprise! High On Life makes me want to get high.Image🇧🇷 Squanch Games I am very sober during my hands-on preview with High On Life, a fast and loud first-person shooter from Squanch Games, and for once, that’s a bad thing. If I showed up to any other game preview absolutely blinded out of my mind, … Read more

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities is scary good

Peter Weller in Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities photo: Ken Woroner/Netflix At the start of every episode of Netflix’s latest anthology horror series, Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities, audiences are greeted by the Oscar-winning director. Introducing each new tale in front of an actual cabinet of curiosities, the Pan’s Labyrinth filmmaker immediately evokes … Read more

Chevy Chase out, Donald Glover in for Community movie, says creator

Donald Glover; Dan Harmon; Chevy Chasephoto: Cindy Ord; Bryan Bedder; Jean Baptiste Lacroix (Getty Images) The prophecy is finally being fulfilled of six seasons and a Community movie, praise be to Peacock. Just what kind of movie it will be still unclear, but enough it to say that (most of) the gang is getting back … Read more

30 Years Old, Great Home for Cartoons

We here at io9 have talked at length about cartoons, whether it’s cartoons from our childhoods that we’ve loved, or more recent ones that deserve a wider spotlight. And when it comes to western animation, you can’t talk about it without talking about one channel in particular. Cartoon Network on October 1, 1992. A year … Read more

An ode to Bob’s Burgers’ Bob Belcher, TV’s best dad

Images: 20th Century Television It shouldn’t be radical to like your kids—but on TV, and especially in comedy, it absolutely is. Homer Simpson does not like his kids from him. Peter Griffin does not like his kids from him. Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Raymond didn’t like his kids. It’s baked into the DNA of the sitcom … Read more

NBC’s Quantum Leap Reboot Is Faithful to the Sci-Fi Classic

Addison (Caitlin Bassett) and Ben (Raymond Lee) brace for impact.photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC It’s been nearly 30 years since Scott Bakula‘s Dr. Sam Beckett vanished into time (and from the airwaves), but Quantum Leap—a popular show during its five-season run—has since maintained a cult following. It’s no surprise NBC has dipped back into the time-travel well … Read more

The Good Fight season 6 review: A worthy, timely being off

André Braugher as Ri’Chard Lane and Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ A warning for fans of The Good Fight: The sixth and final season feels different. The Paramount+ original returns after its stellar fifth season—which included COVID hallucinations and Hal Wackner’s copy-house court—with a more muted, realistic vibe. There are no Epstein-scale … Read more