Who should “win” this season of The Bachelor?

The BachelorPhoto: ABC/Craig Sjodin Though it’s ostensibly about “dating” or “finding love,” ABC’s The Bachelor is inherently a competition that a group of 30 or so people are all trying to win—though what it means to “win” means something different to each person. Oh sure, they all say they’re there to meet their true love … Read more

Voyager Role Is His Finest Acting Moment

screenshot: Paramount As 2022 ends, it’s hard to say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had a more influential year in his acting careereven if that influence was his long-in-the-making Black Adam movie almost singlehandedly tearing apart the DC cinema slate for years. But was it his year as an actor? Absolutely not, because that … Read more

Rick And Morty Creator’s New Game Is Best Played Stoned

Surprise! High On Life makes me want to get high.Image🇧🇷 Squanch Games I am very sober during my hands-on preview with High On Life, a fast and loud first-person shooter from Squanch Games, and for once, that’s a bad thing. If I showed up to any other game preview absolutely blinded out of my mind, … Read more

11 Tips To Know Before Playing

With these tips, I’m ready to save Gotham.Image: WB Games Montreal When you’re first getting to grips with Gotham Knights, it can be a counterintuitive mix of familiar mechanics grafted onto a confusing hodgepodge of systems from other games. There’s arkham-inspired melee combat, a Destiny-style progression system, and RPG elements that might lure you into … Read more

An ode to Bob’s Burgers’ Bob Belcher, TV’s best dad

Images: 20th Century Television It shouldn’t be radical to like your kids—but on TV, and especially in comedy, it absolutely is. Homer Simpson does not like his kids from him. Peter Griffin does not like his kids from him. Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Raymond didn’t like his kids. It’s baked into the DNA of the sitcom … Read more