Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google face earnings test amid Big Tech layoffs

In the biggest week of the holiday-earnings season, Big Tech results will receive the spotlight amid thousands of layoffs that could only be the beginning. After tech stocks were decimated in 2022, investors will be looking for signs of a turnaround in holiday reports and potential forecasts for the year ahead from three of 2022’s … Read more

Mobile phones banned at SA public high schools, but AI like ChatGPT allowed

South Australian students will begin returning to school tomorrow, but for many the first day of school will also be the first without their mobile phone. key points: Mobile phones are banned in SA public high schools, starting from tomorrow Schools have until the beginning of term three to implement the ban But unlike in … Read more

SAP Plans to Cut Jobs and Sell Qualtrics Stake as It Shifts to the Cloud

text size SAP posted cloud revenue of €3.39 billion ($3.70 billion, up 30%. Daniel Roland/AFP via Getty Images SAP reported softer-than-expected fourth-quarter results, as the German enterprise software giant continued the continuing shift of its software business to the cloud amid an ongoing period of macroeconomic weakness. SAP also announced plans to reduce its staff … Read more

Blizzard Boston Devs Blame Boss For Torpedoing Union

Image: blizzard Workers at Proletariat Studio, also known as Blizzard Boston, won’t be unionizing after all. The Communications Workers of America Union announced on Tuesday that it will pull its petition for a union election, and blames Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak for treating workers’ organizing efforts as a personal betrayal and holding a series of … Read more

AI-based image analysis software for diagnosis of hip dysplasia can save time, costs

The deployment of an artificial intelligence (AI) based image analysis software for the diagnosis of hip dysplasia can save time and costs without compromising the reliability of the diagnosis. This is the result of a recently published external validation study that tested IB Lab HIPPO – a musculoskeletal software tool by ImageBiopsy Lab, Austria (IB … Read more

Labor Board outlaws T-Mobile’s company union – People’s World

The NLRB has ordered the disbanding of a company union set up by T-Mobile. 🇧🇷 T-Mobile WASHINGTON – The National Labor Relations Board majority decided in November that T-Mobile had set up a company union to counter the Communications Workers’ organizing drive among its thousands of call center customer service representatives. And since company unions … Read more

8 Twitter alternatives in case Elon Musk’s social network shuts down

Users began fretting about the end of Twitter as soon as Tesla Inc. TSLA, -1.63% CEO Elon Musk announced plans to purchase the service earlier this year, when he teased a more lax approach to content moderation. But many Twitter users have been bracing to say goodbye with more urgency over the last several days, … Read more

Inside a Chinese iPhone Plant, Foxconn Grapples With Covid Chaos

HONG KONG— Foxconn Technology 2354 -0.76% Group is scrambling to contain a weekslong Covid-19 outbreak at an iPhone factory in central China, trying to appease frightened and frustrated workers during a crucial period for smartphone orders. In Foxconn’s main Zhengzhou facility, the world’s biggest assembly site for Apple Inc.’s AAPL <span>7.56%</span> iPhones, hundreds of thousands … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Deliver Very Bad News

Meta Platforms (GOAL) is not doing well. The social-media giant, parent of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has been sending alarming signals for several months. It was ejected from the world’s top 10 most valuable companies, and this year its market capitalization has fallen by nearly $545 billion. During the third quarter, which is about to … Read more