AI-Generated Seinfeld-Like Twitch ‘TV Show’ Is Peak Absurdity

What’s the deal with AI technology?screenshot: Mismatch Media / Kotaku There’s always something to watch on Twitch, whether that’s your fave musicians talking about video games or your fave streamers discussing politics. Now your choices include an absurd, often nonsensical seinfeld-like show that runs 24/7/365 and is generated on the fly using artificial intelligence. Welcome … Read more

The Last Of Us and Game Of Thrones

Lia Toby/Getty ImagesGraphic: The AV Club We’re only a month into 2023 and Bella Ramsey is already having a great year. Not only did the 19-year-old British actress receive a handful of award nominations for her starring performance in Lena Dunham’s medieval comedy Catherine Called Birdyshe’s also at the center of the hottest show on … Read more

This Google AI Music Will Freak You the Hell Out

Photo: ESB Professional (Shutterstock) If you’ve played around with ChatGPT at all, you know how impressive (and terrifying) AI can be. ChatGPT can generate just about anything you ask it to, with prompts as simple or as complex as you can think of. Well, Google has figured out how to do the same. But rather … Read more

Who should “win” this season of The Bachelor?

The BachelorPhoto: ABC/Craig Sjodin Though it’s ostensibly about “dating” or “finding love,” ABC’s The Bachelor is inherently a competition that a group of 30 or so people are all trying to win—though what it means to “win” means something different to each person. Oh sure, they all say they’re there to meet their true love … Read more

Why movies and shows are too dark and what you can do about it

Game Of Thrones “The Long Night”Image: HBO We’ve all been there. You tune into a show, often something in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, and you end up squinting at the screen because you can hardly make out what’s happening. Game of Thrones is a notorious repeat offender (the season-eight episode “The Long Night” is … Read more

The Last Of Us, That ’90s Show

Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us; Melissa Rauchin night court; Depra Jo Ruppin That ’90s ShowPhoto: Liane Hentscher/HBO; Jordin Althaus/NBC/Warner Bros. Television; Netflix Welcome to What’s On, our weekly picks of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, January 15, to Thursday, January 19. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekend … Read more

The NBC revival (slowly) finds its rhythm

Melissa Rauch and John LarroquettePhoto: Jordin Althaus/NBC/Warner Bros. Television night court—the new night courtthat is, which is the sequel to the old night court—has a pretty big question on its hands, right from its opening moments. And it’s one headier than any of the legal issues that cross the bench of Judge Abby Stone (Melissa … Read more

The Key Difference Between Spotify and Apple or Youtube Music

There are now several music streaming services to choose between, and at first glance they can all seem pretty similar—tens of millions of tracks to stream, mobile and desktop apps, offline caching options, and all the rest. It’s not always clear where the differences are, but here we’re going to highlight one of the more … Read more

I Played Eight Disturbing Mobile Games From Twitter, YouTube

screenshot: Elex Technology / Kotaku All of us have seen our fair share of hilarious, disturbing, and surreal advertisements for mobile games. It seems almost impossible to avoid them while you’re watching gaming videos on TikTok or scrolling through your Twitter feed. Mobile games aren’t the only ones with bizarre and deceptive marketing. If you’re … Read more

HBO Max’s Velma is a pretty fun time

A still from VelmaPhoto: HBO Max Velma launches with punchy narration that explicitly makes clear this isn’t a version of Scooby-Doo characters the audience is already familiar with. “I’m Velma Dinkley, and this is my origin story,” Mindy Kaling’s voiceover proclaims as the first episode begins. She continues: “Normally, origin stories are about tall, handsome … Read more