10 of the best new shows to watch in February – The Irish Times

Gunther’s Millions From Wednesday, February 1st, Netflix It’s anything but a dog’s life for Gunther VI: he’s the world’s richest mutt, sporting the kind of bling that would make Snoop Dogg green with envy. Gunther is the fourth generation of a doggie dynasty that began when his great-grandfather was bequeathed millions by his owner, a … Read more

Apple and Amazon Earnings, a Fed Decision, Jobs Data, and More to Watch This Week

It will be another major week of fourth-quarter earnings, with about 100 <span class=”quote-pick” data-track-hover=”QuotePeek” data-significance=”PROMINENT” data-ticker=”” data-charting-symbol=”INDEX/US/S&P US/SPX”> S&P 500</span> companies scheduled to report. There will also be a highly anticipated Federal Reserve interest-rate decision on Wednesday and the latest job-market data on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will bring results from Meta Platforms , … Read more

Blizzard Boston Devs Blame Boss For Torpedoing Union

Image: blizzard Workers at Proletariat Studio, also known as Blizzard Boston, won’t be unionizing after all. The Communications Workers of America Union announced on Tuesday that it will pull its petition for a union election, and blames Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak for treating workers’ organizing efforts as a personal betrayal and holding a series of … Read more

Former Halo Infinite Dev Blasts Management Over Layoffs

Image: 343 Industries / Microsoft Of all the Microsoft teams caught in the blast radius of mass layoffs announced yesterdayit’s possible Halo Infinite maker 343 Industries was among the worst hit. The studio has faced a wave of departures following Halo Infinite’s multiplayer struggles, and the new cuts have sparked strong criticism from those who … Read more

10 of the best new shows to watch in January – The Irish Times

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street Netflix, from Wednesday, January 4th Not quite as catchily titled as The Wolf of Wall Street, this documentary series by the film-maker Joe Berlinger tries to unravel the story of Bernie Madoff’s monster $64 billion (€60 billion) Ponzi-scheme fraud, interviewing victims, whistleblowers and investigators, and featuring video depositions from … Read more

Twitter Blue relaunches with 30% surcharge for iPhone users

Good morning, Quartz readers! Here’s what you need to know Elon Musk is making Apple users pay for his fight with Tim Cook. Twitter Blue is due to relaunch today with a nearly 30% surcharge for iPhone owners🇧🇷 Stellantis is idling an Illinois plant that manufactures Jeep Cherokee. The decision was blamed on rising EV … Read more

Telegram Is Selling Fake Telephone Numbers for Crypto

Telegram has facilitated the sale of over $50 million worth of usernames in crypto auctions, and now it wants to auction off fake phone numbers to allow access to the platform.Photo🇧🇷 Mehaniq 🇧🇷Shutterstock🇧🇷 Telegram is not yet done finding new ways to monetize access to its platform. On Tuesday, the encrypted messaging app announced users … Read more

The Best Tablets, E-Readers, and E-Notes to Gift this Holiday

Image: apple🇧🇷 Rakuten Kobo🇧🇷 samsung🇧🇷 amazon Coming second only to smartphones on modern holiday wish lists, tablets and E Ink devices have evolved over the years to become more than just perfect media consumption tools. Many tablets have grown to become viable alternatives to laptops, with access to productivity tools like spreadsheets and word processors, … Read more

Could Amazon Be Replacing Recruiters With Artificial Intelligence Software?

According to a confidential internal document viewed by Recode, Amazon has been working on an 🇧🇷 [+] Automated Applicant Evaluation system that will determine which job applicants possess the most potential for success. Getty Instead of humans reading your résumé, artificial intelligence technology is equipped to do the job. But can it do it well? … Read more

Yellowstone, Fleishman Is In Trouble

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone🇧🇷 Jesse Eisenberg in Fleishman Is In Trouble🇧🇷 Linda Cardellini in dead to mephoto🇧🇷 Paramount; Michael Parmelee/FX; Saeed Adyani/Netflix Welcome to What’s On, our weekly picks of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, November 13, to Thursday, November 17. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekend edition of … Read more