T-Mobile Network Pass Will Let You Try 3 Months For Free

Those looking to switch carriers can test out T-Mobile’s network for free over a three-month trial period, provided they have an unlocked smartphone.

T-Mobile has updated its mobile app to make it easier to switch to its network, and people with select smartphones can try out the company’s Network Pass — a test-drive of T-Mobile’s 5G service — free for three months. In the race to secure a wide network of 5G coverage, T-Mobile has come out on top, finding a solid balance between high speeds and large coverage areas. Instead of going all-in on mmWave 5G, the standard that provides extremely high network speeds but with small coverage areas and service interruptions, T-Mobile chose to pursue what it calls ‘Ultra Capacity’ 5G. T-Mobile’s ‘Ultra Capacity’ network is mid-band 5G, and offers capable performance while amassing a coverage area that encompasses over 200 million people in the US


As part of an effort to entice users to make the switch from other major carriers — like AT&T and Verizon in the US — T-Mobile routinely offers free trials and subscription service bundles. It has given away a wide variety of items and subscriptions, from a year’s worth of Paramount+ to providing kids and seniors with a new smartwatch. However, it’s a lot more difficult to provide free trials for networks. Switching carriers can be a painful experience for users tied to a contract or installment plan, so testing out a carrier before making a switch is not a luxury everyone can afford. But T-Mobile has successfully conducted test-drives for new users before, and it’s now made it possible for some users to try out its network for free.

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An update to the T-Mobile app brings Easy Switch to many smartphones, allowing consumers to switch their phone — and keep their number — to the T-Mobile network. To make the decision to switch to its network easier, T-Mobile is offering two new features – Network Pass and the Network Scorecard. The Network Pass is a three-month free trial of T-Mobile’s unlimited 5G network, and it can be initiated directly within the T-Mobile app. With Network Pass, users can use the T-Mobile network while still on their other plan and compare the performance of both carriers. The Network Pass can be activated without a credit card or a credit check, so it is a truly free option to try out the T-Mobile network. To quantify this data, T-Mobile’s Network Scorecard compares 5G performance, availability, and download speeds with other carriers available in the geographic area.

T-Mobile Network Pass Eligibility

There are limitations to the T-Mobile offers, with the qualifications largely depending on what model smartphone a user owns. The offers are only available for new users, and current T-Mobile customers cannot take advantage of the Network Pass. Most importantly, only smartphones that are unlocked and include eSIM technology are eligible for Easy Switch and Network Pass. Smartphones purchased through a carrier — usually through a contract or installment plan — are often ‘locked’ to that carrier. But for users that own an unlocked, eSIM-capable smartphone and want to test out a different carrier, T-Mobile’s Network Pass does just that for three months free of charge.

Though it may not be known to most users, SIM technology in mobile phones has become more advanced in the last decade, making it possible for T-Mobile to offer a free trial for its wireless service. Many smartphones released in recent years have eSIM technology, which allows the phone to connect to a network without a physical SIM card installed. Previously, a physical SIM card — often smaller than the size of a person’s fingertip — was required to assign a phone number and connect to a cellular network. With modern eSIM technology, all of this can be done at the main board-level of the smartphone. This is great for users who have separate cell lines for work and personal use. It also enables quick switching between cell lines and carriers, which is what T-Mobile wants to leverage with Network Pass.

Source: T-Mobile

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