PUBG Mobile Best Snipers

For such a long time, snipers have been one of the most exciting parts of shooter and sniper games. In both TPP and FPP, snipers give the most satisfying feel from eliminations. PUBG Mobile knows how important snipers are in this game and gamers can really get the feeling that they are using a realistic sniper from both the sound heard and the damage dealt.

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Fans of PUBG Mobile can understand the fear that comes with hearing the unmistakable sound of a powerful sniper in the distance. They can also relate to the joy of finding a sniper from supply crates. Still, there are some snipers that spawn randomly and are really great too in terms of overall use. Snipers depend on the accuracy of a player, this means that even though they can take an opponent out with one headshot, they are only as good as the players using them.


6/6 Win94

The Win94 is one of the few snipers that are not fully designed for long-range fighting. It is of course one of the beginner weapons in the game and really easy to use.

The Win94 is the only sniper in PUBG Mobile that has an inbuilt scope attached to it. This means that there is no option to put a different scope. The 2.7x scope on the Win94 helps in specific situations. It may not be the best scope for long-range, but this weapon is good in mid-range situations too. It can be found in abundance on the Miramar map.

5/6 Mosin Nagant

mosin nagant in pubg mobile

The Mosin Nagant is one of the snipers that has been recently added to PUBG Mobile🇧🇷 It has been around for long enough to secure a spot for itself. A lot of gamers love the clunky sound of this gun and some even chose to carry it just because of this.

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Since its addition to this complex game, the Mosin Nagant has been seen as a sort of competitor with the Kar98K. In a lot of these cases, it comes down to preference. Yet, the Kar98K is a lot more available and easy to find around the map than the Mosin Nagant. It is still a really great gun to carry when the option is there.

4/6 Kar98K

kar98k in pubg mobile

Kar98K has a long-standing history in PUBG Mobile🇧🇷 It was one of the first snipers in PUBG, and it has remained at the forefront of gamers’ minds. It is often the first weapon that comes to mind when sniper rifles, in general, are concerned and this is because of how well it is. Once a silencer is slapped on the gun, it is almost impossible to spot.

The Kar98K is often regarded as the easiest sniper to use. It is great for newcomers or players looking to try their hand at sniping for the first time. It does really well in long-range fights, like all snipers, and it is the designated gun in specific modes like sniper war.

3/6 M24

m24 in pubg mobile

The M24 is a highly regarded and strong sniper in PUBG Mobile🇧🇷 It was once a care package weapon, however, it has since been taken out and now spawns randomly across maps. This gives gamers easier access to this dangerous gun that tears through level two helmets.

This gun is the best sniper rifle that can be acquired without needing a supply drop. It combines high damage and great bullet velocity to pierce through armor from a distance. Gamers who have combined this with a large scope know how well it operates. For experienced snipers in other games, a shift to PUBG will see them going for the M24 almost every time.

2/6 AWM

awm in pubg mobile

The AWM has lived as the king of snipers for a long time. The destructive power of this gun is coupled with one of the most terrifying sounds in the entire game. Anyone who has played PUBG for a while knows what it sounds like and most duck for cover as soon as this noise fills the air.

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The AWM can tear cleanly through level-three armor, almost ensuring a one-shot kill all the time. It is found only in supply drops. This weapon of mass destruction is absolutely lethal and can change the course of an entire game easily.

1/6 Lynx AMR

lynx amr in pubg mobile

The Lynx AMR is the newest sniper and crate drop weapon in PUBG Mobile, and it comes with destructive power. It came from the throne of the AWM by beating the weapon in both damage, firing rate, and bullet velocity. While these are only slight increases, they are still there and can make a difference in certain situations.

The major selling point of the AMR is that it can tear through vehicles and damage opponents on the other side. This means that enemies can hardly use them as cover. It can tear down vehicles with two or three shots, but it can’t shoot through walls or rocks. It also has really limited bullets, so players have to make every single round count.

PUBG Mobile is currently available on both Android and iOS.

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