‘Precision’ skin-care brand Revea takes its concept to the masses with mobile launch

Revea, the skin-care brand promoting precision skin care, is bringing its concept to the masses.

On Wednesday, Revea debuted a mobile-friendly website. The 1-year-old company’s precision skin-care concept hinges on its ability to provide more in-depth diagnostics and personalization, compared to other personalized or customized beauty brands. Revea has raised $9.5 million from notable investors including WaldenCast Ventures and Ulta Beauty. Chaz Giles, co-founder and CEO of Revea, said the brand expected to earn “mid-to high-single-digit millions” in sales for 2022. So far, the app’s waitlist has exceeded 6,000 people, he said.

“Mobile is the big driver — not only for scale, but also for fulfilling our mission of making cutting-edge skin-care technology accessible,” said Giles. “The best and easiest way to do that is by using the mobile phone.”

Revea measures six characteristics of the face, including skin tone, surface texture and hydration. The app experience includes a mix of a photo analysis and a skin survey on lifestyle topics, like whether someone smokes or what their skin feels like after washing it. A radiance score out of 100 is then generated, with 100 representing a perfect score. (Editor’s note: This reporter received a 72.) Radiance is a clinical measure of how light interacts with the skin. Each of the six categories has an explainer box outlining what each one means and how it contributes to one’s facial appearance, along with a more specific score for the category.

Revea’s underlying technology relies on hyperspectral imaging to analyze and diagnose facial images. Hyperspectral imaging goes beyond the typical red, green and blue captured in photos by also capturing ultraviolet, visible light, near-infrared and infrared wavelengths. Notably, beauty brand Il Makiage acquired Israeli tech company Voyage81 in Aug. 2021 for $40 million. Voyage81 also relies on hyperspectral imaging to analyze images at different wavelengths, detecting the skin’s blood flow, melanin and hemoglobin content. Other brands, both past and present, have developed desktop and mobile diagnostics to recommend products to people. In 2016, Olay launched a skin analysis tool to guide shoppers, and Dermalogica’s FaceMapping desktop and mobile tool followed in 2019. In 2020, Neutrogena relaunched its then 2-year-old Skin360 app with improved software and eliminated the previously required hardware phone attachment.

After receiving all the required information, Revea’s algorithm determines which of the six characteristics it can best improve with its formulations so shoppers receive the best outcome. Revea offers an AM serum, a PM serum and a moisturizer. The price of a subscription granting members to all three products every three months is $250 per quarter. The products are not sold à la carte or as a one-time purchase. Pricing is $75 for an in-person appointment at the brand’s San Francisco flagship and $375 for the product bundle.

Giles said that, for now, Revea is only interested in directing its customers to its mobile-friendly website, rather than developing desktop functionality.

“Downloading an app is a hurdle because you don’t click a link, but [you search in the app store]. And sometimes you need to remember your iTunes password and you have to install it, then it downloads,” said Ryan Matzner, co-founder of app developer Fueled. “Websites have a little bit more [flexibility] to them, in terms of what will work. With an app, it requires updating to new iOS versions, and Apple changes the rulebook on what’s allowed.”

Though the mobile launch garnered over 6,000 signups before launch, Revea has shied away from social media advertising in favor of an influencer strategy. Revea invites local San Francisco influencers for in-person consultations, plus it welcomes out-of-town influencers who have learned about the brand. Giles said Revea has not previously worked with mega influencers, though it has plans in the works for its mobile launch. He declined to share additional details. Over the week prior, Revea counted down to its mobile launch on Instagram, where it has approximately 6,000 followers.

“We’ve been focused on finding the people who understand that skin care needs a reset,” said Giles. “Going forward, our strategy is about allowing others who are respected in the beauty industry to help share the story and communicate their experience with Revea.”

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