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Last weekend Paramount+ revealed the first look at the Next Generation characters in Star Trek: Picard. They also hosted a Comic-Con panel with more reveals. Picard season three was the idea of ​​showrunner Terry Matalas who wasn’t on that panel, but he has spent the last week on social media celebrating the reveals along with clarifying some of what was revealed and even answering fan questions.

The F-ing Enterprise

One of the biggest reveals to come from the panel was the discussion of the USS Enterprise, although it wasn’t exactly clear which one. TNG was set on the Enterprise-D, and the movies transitioned to the Enterprise-E. This tweet from Matalas seemed to point in a different direction from those two ships.

You don’t have to read between the lines to see the emphasis on the “F,” which could indicate the season will feature the USS Enterprise-F, which could make sense as it is set two decades after Star Trek: Nemesis and there have been a number of advancements in ship technology, as seen in season two.

When a fan picked up on these hints (posting an image of the Enterprise-F from Star Trek Online), Matalas appeared to clarify again to the idea that the season is set on this Enterprise, saying “It’s not. But…”

Putting this all together, it sounds like we are mostly back where we were before the big panel, which is that there is a new ship that will be the main setting for the season, which redressed the USS Stargazer sets from season two. But Matalas seems to be indicating that this ship isn’t the Enterprise-F, but he is hinting the Enterprise-F plays some role. Of course, nothing really is confirmed, this is all Twitter tea leaf reading.

USS Stargazer set (Dave Blass)

Worf’s new sword and Dominion connection

A lot of fans were excited to see Worf’s look for season three, but there were some questions. In the motion teaser, Worf can be seen with a sword on his back and Matalas offered a bit of behind-the-scenes details revealing it is a new weapon called a “Kur’leth,” designed by Dan Curry who designed other Klingon weapons for TNG including the Bat’leth.

In the teaser, Worf can clearly be seen with four pips, which would indicate the rank of a Starfleet captain, however, Matalas has indicated he is not the captain of a ship.

in the Picard tie-in novels, Worf was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Enterprise-E (around the time of the Romulan Refugee Crisis). Matalas indicated that in season three (set over a decade later), Worf is on “another track,” and we do not “meet him” as captain of the Enterprise-E. And this track has something to do with the Dominion War.

Of course, Worf was a veteran of the Dominion War as seen in Michael Dorn’s time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And in a podcast interview last month Matalas said: “the fallout of the Dominion War is important in the plot” of season three.

Season 3 Worf character poster

Commodore Geordi and Commander Seven

While Matalas left Worf’s situation a bit unclear, he was happy to clarify both Geordi’s rank as Commadore and Seven’s rank as a Commander.

During the panel it was revealed that Seven will be a first officer, but it was not revealed which ship or under which captain. Also Matalas said he doesn’t want to reveal if it is “Commander Seven” or “Commander Hansen,” with Seven using her original name of Annika Hansen.

Season 3 Seven character poster

Matalas also hinted that maybe things aren’t what they appear to be in the trailer when it comes to who is and isn’t in a Starfleet uniform.

The villain is a new character… and a familiar actress

Before Comic-Con Matalas had revealed that the villain for season three will be played by someone “familiar” but someone new to Star Trek, indicating it was a new role played by a well-known actor. However, after it was revealed the villain was a female during the Comic-Con panel, there was a lot of speculation about how it could be the return of a familiar Star Trek villain like Denise Crosby’s Sela. Matalas again clarified it is a new character, but revealed that there is a nod to Crosby’s Tasha Yar in season three.

He also clarified that even if he was a familiar actor, that didn’t mean they cast a “huge star” for the role.

The only other casting clue Matalas confirmed was that he did cast at least one member of the cast from his previous series 12 monks in season three of Picard.

Those were the biggest things that stand out, but it’s worth following Matalas on Twitter as he often posts about Picard and answers fan questions. Although, not everything he posts should be taken as canon. He does like to have a bit of fun, including posting this meme picking up on how everyone is coming back with white hair.

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