Mobile app unlocks exclusive customization features for BMW and Volkswagen Group drivers

OBDeleven revolutionized the way we interact with our vehicles when its first device went live in 2014. Taking in-car diagnostics to new levels, car owners were no longer in the dark about how certain parts of their ride were operating, causing them to rely on potentially expensive trips to the auto-mechanic if they had a problem.

Now, thanks to the OBDeleven NextGen upgrades, owners of cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group and the BMW Group can use the device and smartphone app to control and maintain their vehicle down to unprecedented levels of detail.


Created by the world-renowned Voltas IT, OBDeleven is the multi-award-winning intelligent automotive diagnostic device, a pocket-sized tool that plugs straight into the dashboard of compatible cars, that allows drivers to easily diagnose, customize and even program their vehicles with their smartphone via Bluetooth. While drivers have been able to use software to enjoy aftermarket solutions for their cars for some time now, the OBDeleven takes things to a whole new level. Unlike other similar devices on the market, it’s not just a vague diagnostic of a few superficial functions that the next-gen OBDeleven provides; it has highly functional One-Click Apps that can solve and alter the multitude of features in your car and, for the more technically minded user, you can even program, adapt and make more advanced adjustments by utilizing the PRO features (PRO features are currently for cars belonging to VAG only).

Let’s break down the best new features of the OBDeleven Next-Gen which, unlike the previous version, now runs on Android, iOS, and Huawei operating systems.

OBDeleven’s One-Click-Apps

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The OBDeleven features these fun-to-use pre-made coding functions to enable a plethora of hidden features in your car. Do you find the auto stop/start function on your BMW a little annoying? No problem, turn it off with the push of a button. Not a fan of how your Volkswagen Golf is handling when making turns? No worries, you can fine-tune the performance by adjusting the electronic differential lock (XDS).

Maybe you don’t want to mess with how the car actually drives and would just prefer to change the way it looks. With One-Click Apps, you can customize the aesthetic such as the needle sweep on your dashboard or the theme color of the cockpit. All these things can be changed with one click on your phone. It’s as simple as snoozing a notification on your Android!

Discover the diagnostics

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As soon as you hop into your vehicle and your OBDeleven connects to your phone via Bluetooth, this genius little device will automatically perform a full scan of control units to check exactly how they are functioning. This is where it is easy to become quite obsessive about the condition of your car, as there are a lot of components, and it’s not unusual to get a little red light warning you that your key is low on charge, or that your air conditioning is not running at 100% even though you probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway!

These things are good to know for the next time you get your car serviced, but not vitally important. However, where the OBDeleven is super useful is that it scans every component of your engine. Perhaps you have a faulty cylinder 4 glow plug circuit? The details of the problem will pop up on your screen and a fault code will be given. You can share your fault code and arrange a replacement.

This not only ensures the seamless maintenance of your car but also gives you the satisfying confidence of knowing exactly how your car is functioning. Every car needs maintenance at some point, and this device provides you with the knowledge of precisely what needs to be attended to, therefore saving you a ton on unnecessary investigations by auto-mechanics.

Volkswagen Group PRO features

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The Volkswagen Group PRO feature of OBDeleven has some great new adaptations that allow you to take things to the next level and allow full-car customization. You can access all features to the dealership level, gaining access to a wide range of diagnostic information including advanced control information, sub-control unit information, control unit resets, adaptation, settings, and output testing for all VAG Group cars.

Basically, you can reset your car to factory settings, and then go about re-coding how each aspect of your car performs. This may sound a little daunting to some, but it’s a pretty groundbreaking feature and there are likely many auto-enthusiasts out there rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of being able to re-program every little fine detail of how their car operates.

This device has huge appeal to every kind of car driver, from the first-time owner who wants to experiment with One-Click Apps and custom their ride, to the auto-expert who has always fantasized about building their own dream car.

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