Jellyfish Launches Life Cycle Explorer to Remove Software Development Bottlenecks

New Addition to Engineering Management Platform Makes It Easy To Understand Software Development Life Cycle and Deliver Value Faster

BOSTON, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — jellyfish, the leading engineering management platform (EMP), today launched Life Cycle Explorer, a new solution that identifies bottlenecks in the life cycle of engineering work to help teams adapt workflow processes and more effectively deliver value to customers. Unlike existing tools that provide only top-level metrics, Life Cycle Explorer dives deeper to expose and investigate the root cause of process breakdowns so teams can mitigate their impact moving forward.

The modern software development life cycle is demanding, non-linear, and increasingly complex — writing code is only one piece of the puzzle. Each step of the life cycle is necessary, and keeping these steps balanced is critical. An accelerated life cycle will potentially decrease quality or lead to failures in hygiene or compliance, while a slow life cycle will frustrate stakeholders and fail to deliver value to customers. Life Cycle Explorer highlights the “Goldilocks zone” for engineering efficiency and enables managers to define a concrete approach to their development strategy.

“Modern software development teams and their leaders have no easy way to visualize, break down, and understand their development life cycles,” said Krishna Kannan, Head of Product at Jellyfish. “With Life Cycle Explorer, teams can now identify and remediate bottlenecks, unlock process obstacles, and improve trends through the full life cycle of software development. Jellyfish is helping engineering leaders go beyond metrics to gain a complete understanding of each opportunity they have to improve team performance.”

Automated solution for root cause analysis and workflow improvements

In order to best lead their teams, engineering managers need the ability to quickly look at a subset of data over time and recognize trends. Top-level metrics lack the detail necessary to extract outliers and determine how to avoid or cultivate the behavior contributing to them. Jellyfish Life Cycle Explorer gives teams the ability to identify the root cause of slowdowns and bottlenecks by tracking issues through Jira workflows and categorizing the work effort as either refinement, work, review or deployment. The new solution calculates the amount of time an issue spends in each workflow stage, maps this process visually, and highlights performance trends over time.

Using these visualizations, teams can take into account the full life cycle from creation to production deployment. Engineers can identify gaps when issues are sitting idle, see where work areas overlap indicating parallel processes, and drill into how outliers may be impacting overall project life cycles so outliers can be addressed. Jellyfish’s Life Cycle Explorer delivers more granular analysis than competitive offerings, allowing engineering teams to make more precise, long-lasting changes to their workflows.

“Cycle Time has been a critical metric for improvement across our engineering organization,” said Gary Damm, VP of Engineering at One Concern. “With Life Cycle Explorer we have a new level of control over our Development Life Cycle, empowering our teams to break down and optimize each stage of the delivery process.”

The launch of Life Cycle Explorer follows the addition of Jellyfish’s benchmarking tool and DevFinOps solution to simplify R&D cost capitalization reporting. The company was listed as one of SD Times’ companies to watch in 2023 and named to the Intelligent Apps 40 listpresented by Madrona, Goldman Sachs, PitchBook, Microsoft and Amazon.

With Life Cycle Explorer, software engineering teams can unlock their development workflows and more effectively deliver value to customers. To learn more, visit

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Jellyfish is the leading Engineering Management Platform that enables engineering leaders to align engineering work with strategic business objectives. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, the work they do, and how they operate. Companies like Mastercard, Priceline, ZoomInfo and PagerDuty use Jellyfish to optimize the allocation of engineering resources to focus their teams on what matters most to the business. For more information, visit

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