Is It Worth Buying An iPhone 11 In 2021? What You Need To Know

Buying a new iPhone is a no-brainer, but what about buying one that’s two years old? Here’s why the iPhone 11 is still a good deal in 2021.

The iPhone 11 is one of the most affordable ways to break into the apple ecosystem in 2021, but is it still worth buying nearly two years after its release? This is one of the biggest questions that pops up when looking to buy a new smartphone. For some shoppers with a tight budget, it makes the most sense to buy one of the latest budget handsets on the market — such as an iPhone SE, Pixel 5a, etc. For other people, however, it’s more appealing to buy a flagship device that’s a year or two old.

In the case of the iPhone, this is a question that’s extremely relevant. Apple regularly sells some of its older iPhone models at lower prices after a new generation comes out. And even when Apple discontinues an iPhone, it’s still very easy to purchase a renewed/refurbished version from third-party sellers. Some older iPhones are well worth buying, but others should also be totally ignored.


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When it comes to the iPhone 11, the 2019 flagship still has a lot to love in 2021. This all starts with the iPhone 11’s design. It features the same general form factor as the latest iPhone 12 lineup — including a full-screen display, Face ID, and an aluminum frame with a glass backside. Also included is Qi wireless charging and water-resistance, with Apple rating the iPhone 11 for up to two meters of submersion up to 30 minutes at a time. users will not find MagSafe compatibility similar to newer iPhone models, but that’s far from a deal-breaker.

Other Things To Know About The iPhone 11 In 2021

iPhone 11 with a water splash

The biggest area where the iPhone 11 shows its age is the quality of its display. It’s the same 6.1-inch size found on the iPhone 12, but instead of using a more vibrant OLED panel, the iPhone 11 is stuck using LED. It also has a lower resolution compared to more recent iPhone models, doesn’t have HDR support, and has slightly larger bezels around the edge of the screen. This is probably the weakest aspect of the iPhone 1. The display isn’t necessarily bad, but there is a noticeable quality difference compared to its younger siblings. Where the iPhone 11 doesn’t disappoint, however, is its performance. Although the A13 Bionic is no longer the best piece of silicon in Apple’s lineup, it continues to be more than capable enough for virtually all apps and games on the App Store. Outside of its lack of 5G connectivity, the A13 is still a performance beast two years later.

Perhaps more important for some users, the iPhone 11 continues to hold its own in the camera and battery departments. Battery-wise, the iPhone 11 is promised the same 17 hours of video playback as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. That translates to excellent endurance throughout daily use — even if someone is playing a lot of games or streaming hours of YouTube. For the camera setup, the 12MP primary and 12MP ultra-wide sensors remain incredibly strong. Photos showcase good detail and lifelike colors, users can record 4K video, and many of Apple’s new camera features are present — including night mode, portrait mode, audio zoom, and Smart HDR. Outside of no Dolby Vision support in video recording, there’s not much to complain about with the iPhone 11’s cameras. Last but certainly not least, let’s talk software updates. The iPhone 11 shipped with iOS 13 in 2019, was updated to iOS 14 in 2020, and is confirmed to get iOS 15 this year. The phone should receive at least six years of major OS updates before Apple ends support. In other words, the iPhone 11 will get its final update in 2025 to iOS 19.

Unlike some older iPhones (such as the iPhone 8), the iPhone 11 is still sold through Apple and other outlets. Buying directly through Apple, the 64GB iPhone 11 is $599, the 128GB model is $649, and stepping up to the 256GB raises the price to $749. There are also plenty of deals to be found with carriers and third-party retailers, not to mention renewed models which sell for around $529. In short, the iPhone 11 is still worth it. It has many of the same features as newer iPhones, is guaranteed to receive multiple more years of software updates, and is a pretty strong deal overall. It might be worth waiting for Apple to announce the iPhone 13 in September to see if the price comes down again, but even at $599, there’s an argument to be made for the iPhone 11 in 2021.

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