How to Level Up Your Tech Without Buying a New $1000+ iPhone

Apple has just launched its new set of iPhones, and like the past few years, everyone is feeling pressured to “upgrade” and buy the new iPhone and Apple Watch regardless of barely any improvements. However, this is 2022, and reuse-reduce is the game of the hour! It’s time to consider options that help you upgrade your tech without having to throw away your perfectly capable phones.

Meet ESR, the company that has been innovating the accessories market since 2009. Used by Microsoft as the official Microsoft Surface brand partner, licensed by Disney to create official mobile accessories for the company, and winning Red Dot awards on several of its innovative designs, ESR continues to make breakthrough advancements. This year, however, it’s focusing entirely on Apple products.

Modern tech, clean and intuitive design – ESR levels up your tech with its award-winning patents and designs

ESR keeps the consumer at the center of its design process – to give you what you asked for! The pathbreaking accessory maker has released 8 new products, including the clutter-freeing HaloLock™ 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger, Mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank, Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock™, and Rebound Hybrid Case 360. So, what exactly is this HaloLock, you might be wondering.

ESR’s HaloLock is an entire ecosystem of innovative magnetic accessories that were originally inspired by Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging system but takes its capabilities further.

“From the world’s first MagSafe-compatible car chargers to a collection of mounts and chargers for your home and office, ESR HaloLock brings power-in-a-snap convenience to the places you want it most.”

The team has now paired HaloLock with CryoBoost™ Fast Charginga phone cooling fan and heat-dissipating tech that works together to keep your phone cool and charging speed at its maximum even when you’re using it.

The must-buy: ESR HaloLock™ 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with CryoBoost™

This is the kind of product that makes our geek heart go wild! Charging has never been a fun part of the whole technology scene, and it’s even worse when you are using your phone while charging it. The usual heat goes up a notch even if you are using the phone for simple browsing and not even resource-heavy tasks like gaming. With CryoBoost, ESR has ensured heating while charging becomes a thing of the past!

The CryoBoost™ technology makes this charger the fastest MagSafe charger for Apple products. The design also makes sure you can charge 3 devices at the same time, including your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Like the mini Kickstand Power Bank, this charger also gets the “Power in a Snap” experience and HaloLock’s strong magnetic touch, making the 3-in-1 Wireless Charger a must-have product. Top features include:

  • 3-in-1: Organize your space with charging for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch
  • Sleep Friendly: dark charging mode turns off status lights for uninterrupted sleep
  • Adjustable View: place the phone in portrait or landscape with angle adjustment for the perfect view
  • CryoBoost Fast Charging: phone-cooling tech unlocks magnetic charging for the phone in use

Where HaloLock™ mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank – every iPhone user needs this product!

Probably one of our most favorite products, HaloLock mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank can, as the name suggests, charge your phone wirelessly on the go making it an absolute dream come true product for travelers, students, and basically anyone who’s either busy commuting or outdoors for an extended period of time. ESR mini Kickstand comes in 5000mAh and 10000mAh capacities and also gets you an on-demand kickstand for a comfortable viewing angle. Some of its top features include:

  • Pass-through charging: charge your phone and power bank at the same time
  • Strong Magnetic Lock: 1,000-g magnetic holding force ensures secure attachment
  • Power in a snap: charging that starts when you attach your iPhone
  • Two Ways to Charge: Supports 7.5W MagSafe-style wireless charging or 12W wired charging

HaloLock™ Wireless Car Charger with Cryoboost

ESR makes a brilliant car charger that is also equipped with CryoBoost Fast Charging, which means you can now charge your phone in your car super quick, and with the phone cooling tech, it won’t heat up. Some of its top highlights include:

  • Strong Magnetic Lock: 18 built-in magnets and a non-slip silicone ring hold up to 1,400 grams (vs. Apple’s 700 grams)
  • Power in a Snap: quick and easy place-and-go charging
  • Ready for Navigation: highly adjustable angle ensures a comfortable view
esr magsafe car charger

Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock™ that will never turn yellow

ESR has launched new cases for iPhone 14 with HaloLock that equips them with the strongest magnets in the market, guaranteeing a secure attachment with any MagSafe accessory. The Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock™ functions as an adjustable phone holder that helps users to enjoy their phones while charging. With a stunning, crystal-clear acrylic design, the Kickstand Case also provides military-grade protection.

  • Adjustable and durable zinc-alloy kickstand
  • Reinforced with Air-Guard corners to provide military-grade protection
  • 1,500-g magnetic holding force ensures secure attachment with MagSafe accessories
  • Crystal-clear acrylic back never yellows for stunning clarity
esr phone holder

Krystec™ Clear Case with HaloLock™ for iPhone

MagSafe compatible slim case with grippy polymer sides, this iPhone case features shock-absorbing corners and a camera guard that keeps your phone protected regardless of how clumsy you consider yourself. With a 1,500-g magnetic holding force, your iPhone will securely attach to any MagSafe accessories you use.

  • Innovative engineering and polycarbonate structure almost completely eliminate yellowing
  • Shock-absorbing corners, raised screen edges, and Camera Guard keep your phone protected
esr gear iphone 14 pro magsafe clear case

Some other newly launched products by ESR include:

  • Ascend Keyboard Case Lite for iPad Pro 11” and 12.9”, the iPad 10, and the iPad Air offers lightweight and portable protection for your iPad.
  • Paper-Feel Magnetic Screen Protector is a thin, responsive, and removable sheet that helps you transform your iPad into a notebook or digital canvas.
  • Ascend Hybrid Case for iPad allows you to magnetically pair, wirelessly charge, and securely hold your Apple Pencil 2 with a magnetic clasp.
  • Rebound Hybrid Case 360 is a detachable magnetic cover for iPad Pro 11” and iPad Pro 12.9” that can switch instantly between the stand and free-move modes and supports 5 use configurations.

These and many other products by the ESR team prove that we no longer need to buy new phones every year. They barely get us new innovations. But that doesn’t mean we stop being excited about tech as these small companies continue to be innovative, finding us solutions to our everyday problems with ease and style. Head over to ESR’s Amazon store to learn more about these truly innovative products and treat yourself to some new and super useful tech.

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