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While hosting a radio show last week, Fox 2 news anchor Vic Faust unleashed an off-air tirade of foul language, sexist remarks and personal insults directed at a female colleague.

Faust used profanity at least 40 times in a roughly four-minute rant that berated co-host Crystal Cooper for, among other things, her weight and her parenting skills.

Vic Faust

Faust’s off-air comments were digitally recorded and sent anonymously to the Post-Dispatch after 5 pm Friday.

On Monday, Faust confirmed that the confrontation took place.

“Well, it is,” Faust said when told the audio clip was profane. He said there was “background” to the story but declined to comment further.

During a commercial break of the show on 100, co-hosts argued over their treatment of each other. The audio has been edited.

The outburst occurred last Tuesday morning on KFNS (100.7 FM), a hard-rock station known as “The Viper.” It came near the end of the 8-10 am morning drive show, “The Edge,” that Faust regularly hosts on weekdays with other personalities.

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Faust has been a main news anchor at KTVI (Channel 2), the local Fox affiliate, since 2015. He co-hosts the 5 pm and 9 pm weekday shifts with Mandy Murphey and Jasmine Huda.

The spark for Faust’s harangue seems to occur in the closing minutes of Tuesday’s radio show, which is posted on YouTube as a podcast. No newer shows have been posted.

The video from Tuesday’s show includes Faust and Cooper engaging in an uncomfortable exchange about content on Thursday’s show.

As the show heads toward a final commercial break at about 9:50 am the on-air exchange becomes more pointed, with Faust calling Cooper a “liar” and saying she was “stupid” for bringing up a “dumb” topic.

The confrontation quickly escalated off-air: Faust begins using foul language and tells Cooper several times to “shut the (expletive) up” and “shut your (expletive) mouth.”

He calls her “fat,” “stupid” and “nasty,” and repeatedly refers to her by using a curse word most commonly directed at women. Then at one point, Faust says “you’re nothing” and “you’re trash.”

When talking about her broadcasting skills, Faust says, “You’re an (expletive) mom, you don’t even know the topics we’re talking about. You’re just stupid.”

He even upbraids Cooper for where she attended high school. After calling her “self-righteous,” Faust said, “You think you’re special because you went to Villa (Duchesne).”

On a more threatening note, Faust tells Cooper to not come back to the show, a position which Faust says he arranged for her.

“If you come back, I’m going to be in your (expletive) every (expletive) day,” Faust said, who adds that he will “call you a (expletive) every day.”

When Cooper replies that Faust is not her boss and that she plans to return to the show, Faust says: “Then I will nail your (expletives) … I will do whatever I (expletive) need to do to you.”

Then as the off-air confrontation winds down as the show prepares to go back on the air and close the show, Faust says to Cooper, “Your kids have a (expletive) terrible mom. I feel sorry for them.”

At that remark, Cooper replied, “Wow. Wow.”

Only once in the off-air exchange, about halfway through Faust’s harangue did Cooper direct any profanity at Faust, saying he should “chill the (expletive) out” because he was “acting like an immature (expletive).”

Cooper could not be reached for comment. Her her Facebook page her notes that she began working at The Viper in May and quit on Sept. 13, the day of her confrontation with Faust.

Also taking part in the Tuesday show with Faust and Cooper were Eric Johnson and Brendan Shanahan.

During the first moments of the off-air confrontation, one of the neutral co-hosts can be heard saying “don’t be like that, guys.” Later, a co-host says, “Vic, Vic, Vic, Vic….stop, stop.”

The podcast of Tuesday’s show was the last one posted online; and on Monday, the morning-drive slot was exclusively music programming.

The radio station’s general manager Chris Blevins could not be reached Monday for comment. Station sales manager Brian Richardson said Faust’s show was not on the air “at the moment” and referred further questions to Blevins.

Audrey Prywitch, KTVI’s news director, also could not be reached for comment.

The radio station, which plays hard rock music, is licensed out of Troy, Missouri; its studios are located in Lake Saint Louis. It is no longer affiliated with an Am sports-talk station with the same call letters.

Faust graduated in 1991 from Althoff Catholic in Belleville. He attended the University of Missouri on an athletic scholarship and played tight end for the football Tigers.

After graduating, he started his broadcasting career in sports with the Missouri Tiger Radio Network. He began in television in 1998 and covered sports and news in St. Joseph and Columbia, Missouri; Tulsa; and Detroit.

In April 2015, he left a Detroit television station after 11 years to join KTVI and replace the retiring Tom O’Neal.

This is the YouTube post of the Tuesday show of “The Edge,” which features Faust and Cooper. Their on-air confrontation begins at about the 1:48:00 mark of the clip.


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