‘FBoy Island’ Contestant Mikey D’s Ex Says She Tried to Warn Show of His Threatening Behavior

Michael Dakessian—known better to FBoy Island fans as “Mikey D”—made a strong impression during his three episodes on the show before he got eliminated and revealed himself to be an “FBoy.” His ex-girlfriend, however, is stunned he made it onto the show even after she allegedly alerted multiple casting representatives to the complaint she filed against him with the Manhattan assistant district attorney last year.

Kimberly Noel—who requested that The Daily Beast withhold her full name—says that at first, Dakessian was “very charming, very sweet.” A publicist with a sizable Instagram following, Noel first spotted Dakessian on TikTok. She reached out around the fall of 2020, she says, to recruit him as a potential client.

Dakessian wanted to go on a date first, Noel alleges, but four or five weeks after they began dating, he suggested they join forces. Things started out well, but Noel recalls that eventually Dakessian’s “true colors came out.” He allegedly demanded that they keep their relationship a secret but also insisted that Noel bring him to her high-profile clients’ events. His chief obsession was apparently the cast of Jersey Shore, but his main goal, Noel maintains, was getting cast for reality television.

“He kept on pushing,” Noel tells The Daily Beast. “Saying, ‘You need to get me on a reality show.’ Like, demanding.”

Eventually, Noel says his behavior became extreme enough to make her worry for her physical safety. The ADA pressed charges for aggravated harassment in the second degree last fall and Noel received a temporary order of protection. (The Daily Beast has reviewed a copy of the protective order, as well as Noel’s statement from her to the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney’s Office.)

Soon after Noel filed her complaint, she proactively reached out to three professionals who’d allegedly interviewed Dakessian for FBoy Island to alert them to her claims. The dating show finds three single women on an island with around two dozen men—half of them “Nice Guys,” and the remainder self-identified “FBoys.” As the guys get eliminated, they withdraw to either the “Nice Guy Grotto” or “Limbro,” where they continue to appear throughout the season. Dakessian retired to Limbro after the first batch of episodes debuted July but has reappeared periodically throughout the season for brief gags. (Dakessian did not respond to requests for comment; HBO did not provide comment prior to publication.)

Noel reached out to three casting representatives who she says he’d added on Instagram after they interviewed him for the show.

In screenshots Noel shared with The Daily Beast from last October, she warns that Dakessian is a liability and “obsessed with fame and celebrities,” and that “every time I would bring him to one of my celebrity clients he would make them very uncomfortable and I’ve been told not to bring him around them.”

The screen-captured messages indicate that the recipients each feel a brief thank-you; one said they would relay the information to their team. Weeks later, Noel appears to have sent her a copy of her statement to the ADA regarding the harassment allegations. One of the casting professionals said they’d moved on from FBoy Island but would pass the information along. Noel says she never heard back.

Noel remembers securing multiple reality-TV auditions for Dakessian and eventually landed him a gig with a company owned by jersey shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino—as a brand ambassador for the MTV star’s “Brotrition” supplements, but that “it was just never enough.”

Dakessian allegedly became frustrated when Sorrentino never reached out to meet him. “Then he went on to the next person,” Noel says. (Representatives for Sorrentino did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.)

After four or five months, Dakessian’s demands for exposure allegedly grew aggressive. “He would put his hands on me and say, ‘If you don’t do this, I’m going to ‘out’ you and say that you’re sexually harassing me,’” Noel recalls. She and Dakessian allegedly broke up in September 2021.

Weeks after the break-up, Dakessian allegedly showed up for one of Noel’s celebrity clients’ bookings and told security that he was her boyfriend. “He waited outside until I left and tried to physically put his hands on me again,” she shares. (The Daily Beast has viewed an incident report from last fall, after Noel said she called the police from the site of that alleged altercation; it mentions Dakessian by name.) Noel was dissuaded from including the physical allegations from the statement she’d later make to the ADA, she said, because police had declined to pursue the incident given that Dakessian had left the scene.

He would put his hands on me and say, ‘If you don’t do this, I’m going to ‘out’ you and say that you’re sexually harassing me.

After the in-person confrontation, Noel says Dakessian began making verbal threats against her on TikTok. At that point, the ADA pressed charges for aggravated harassment in the second degree.

In the statement reviewed by the Daily Beast, Noel cites a livestream in which Dakessian allegedly said he planned to “knock out his ex-manager.” Her statement does not mention the physical altercation from weeks before, she said, because police had declined to pursue the incident.

Noel shared the temporary order of protection she received with The Daily Beast. The document runs through January of 2023 and was filed as a condition for the case’s dismissal—meaning that as long as Dakessian obeys the order, Dakessian will have received what she considers a “slap on the wrist.”

And now, “Mikey D” has made his first splash on reality television even despite her allegations.

Beyond sharing her “side of the story,” Noel said she hopes that her experience will help protect other women.

“I just don’t want another girl to have to go through what I went through,” she says. “He’s being put onto a whole platform… I just am very afraid for other girls that he interacts with now.”


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