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Gameplay and Investment


    • Fixed an issue were certain shaders applied textures incorrectly to some pieces of the Festival of the Lost mech-themed armor ornaments.

Weapon Balance

Linear Fusion Rifles

        • Increased the flinch received from player damage.
            • Flinch magnitude from players has been increased to 4x that of Sniper Rifles to make up for the lower zoom and higher aim assist.
        • Increased the flinch settle time by 60%.
            • This change is the same as the one recently applied to Sniper Rifles.
        • Significantly reduced the flinch received from non-player combatants damage by 80%.
    • Arbalest and Lorentz Driver
        • Reduced the aim assist cones by 35%.


    • Fixed an issue where the Intended Authority Seasonal Challenge showed inaccurate rewards.
        • The Psychic Warfare emblem was the right reward and it’s now stated as such.

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