Chief archivist targets quality of public sector Microsoft 365 rollouts

Stephen Clarke

Credit: Supplied

Public sector agencies need to exercise vigilance over how they use and configure systems such as Microsoft 365, the chief archivist has warned.

The rollout of “evergreen” information management software solutions, most commonly Microsoft 365, presented a number of challenges, the head of Archives NZ – Te Rua Mahara or te Kāwanatanga warned in the agency’s annual report on the state of government recordkeeping.

“When configured well it is a robust information management system, but the ‘evergreen’ and constantly evolving nature of these products require active oversight and vigilance to ensure that the system configurations remain relevant and effective for the user organisation,” Stephen Clarke, who resigned in October, wrote.

The Microsoft 365 suite should be adopted with careful configuration to ensure compliance with government information and records management standards and the Public Records Act, Clarke wrote.

“The introduction of the cloud-based office productivity suite Microsoft 365 as an information management and record keeping platform has transformed the public sector both here and across the Tasman, with organizations now able to access more than 100 applications with one license,” Clarke wrote .


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