Attackers used malicious “verified” OAuth apps to infiltrate organizations’ O365 email accounts

Malicious third-party OAuth apps with an evident “Publisher identity verified” badge have been used by unknown attackers to target organizations in the UK and Ireland, Microsoft has shared. The attacks were first spotted by Proofpoint researchers in early December 2022, and involved three rogue apps impersonating SSO and online meeting apps. Targets in these organizations … Read more

Leading Active Directory and Office 365 Management Tool Easy365Manager Launches Advanced Auto-Reply Management Feature

Easy365Manager Jonas Watt Boolsen Easy365Manager, a market leader in Active Directory and Office 365 management, recently announced the launch of its new feature, advanced auto-reply management. Our customers find that the official management tools from Microsoft, such as Exchange Admin Center, are counter-intuitive and lack essential functionality.”— Jonas Watt Boolsen COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, January 31, 2023 … Read more

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on a Mac

Delete the Microsoft 365 or Office apps from your Applications folder to remove them from your Mac. You’ll need to follow up by deleting individual leftover files to completely get rid of everything. Are you done with Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office)? Maybe you’re moving on from an outdated version, or simply unwilling to … Read more

Microsoft 365: Can organizations still meet their accountability obligation? : Clyde & Co

The Conference of German Supervisory Authorities has rejected a GDPR-compliant use of Microsoft 365. In France, there is also disapproval from the Ministry of Education. On 25 November 2022, the DSK published a statement on “Microsoft Online Services” with a summary of the results of an audit, the detailed report of which was in turn … Read more

Protect against cybersecurity risks with Microsoft 365 A5 security

The Microsoft 365 A5 security suite helps districts and schools provide safe and secure learning experiences backed by world class protection and consolidated into one cost-effective solution. Together, the A5 security suite is crucial in helping to preserve student data, manage compliance policies, and detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. Explore 10 Microsoft 365 A5 … Read more

Microsoft 365 eDiscovery Updates: Legal and Technical Developments

eMerge attorneys and technologists recently presented a two-part webinar series on the legal and technical considerations for corporations using Microsoft 365 to satisfy their eDiscovery obligations. Below are 10 key takeaways that will help your company effectively use Microsoft 365 for your eDiscovery needs. Understand basic licensing options, including features and limitations. Content Search – … Read more

5 ways that ChatGPT could transform Microsoft Office

Microsoft recently said that AI’s impact on our lives will be as sizable as the PC and internet – which is something you might expect from a company that’s just invested billions of dollars into OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. Yet Microsoft is far from alone in making these claims – and ChatGPT’s talents, which … Read more

Microsoft 365 PowerApps for Enterprise: Overview and Benefits

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise is a collection of apps and services that are designed for enterprise collaboration. Additionally, the subscription-based offering includes security and compliance features to meet enterprise requirements. An Overview of Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Although Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise is built specifically for the needs of enterprise users, it … Read more

Microsoft Teams Monthly Users Hits 280 Million

Redmond-based Microsoft released its figures for FY23 Q2 with news that Teams hit more than 280 million monthly active users in the quarter. It also revealed that over the last 12 months, 5 million PSTN seats were added to Teams Phone. More of the tech giant’s latest Microsoft Teams statistics were listed in the earnings … Read more