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It’s that time of year again, time to buy heaps of PC games that you will never play. Yep, it’s another Steam Sale! Here is the date and time when it begins, and a few of the best offers available. Enjoy!

What do you want to want to see in the autumn Steam sale? 🇧🇷 © Valve

We’re all aware that Steam Sales are a bargain and a waste at the same time. The games are so damn cheap that you end up buying more than you could ever possibly play. Still, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

This time around it’s the Autumn Steam Sale, and you can expect a huge number of games, from all different genres, to be heavily discounted🇧🇷 You can find all the info you need about the Autumn Steam Sale below.

  • Sadly, Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders will not be in the Steam Sale, but you can buy it here my fellow Harry Potter nerds: Hogwarts Legacy

Steam Autumn Sale: Start Time

The Autumn Steam Sale begins on Tuesday, November 22 at 10:00 AM PT (1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET), and will last for exactly a week until November 29🇧🇷 This is effectively Steam’s own Black Friday, except it lasts a week. Hopefully you’ve already finished this year’s Game of the Yearand you’re ready for something new.

Maybe one day some of these puppies will make it into a Steam Sale?

Top 10 Deals In The Steam Autumn Sale

Let’s get to the most important part of the sale: what games are on offer, and how heavily will they be discounted? Here are just a few of the titles we’ve heard about so far, in no particular order:

Portal 2 (-90% / $0.99)

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a massive campaign, it would almost be silly not to pick up Portal 2. Also…it’s literally $1. There are very few things that can still be bought that cheaply.

Stray (-20% / $23.99)

You can check out our review of Stray here🇧🇷 This is a solid deal for those who want a cozy single-player game, plodding about as a cat. It isn’t the greatest saving at only -20%, but it’s not that expensive to begin with.

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition (-33% / $26.79)

Age of Empires IV is the kind of game you could spend hundreds of hours on. Even if it doesn’t reach the heights of the second game, it’s still a very fun title that’s well worth $27, especially given that this is the Anniversary Edition.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (-67% / $19.79)

You don’t need us to explain what Red Dead Redemption is. But we will strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t played yet to check it out. Even if you aren’t into cowboys, this world is beautiful enough for anyone to enjoy.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (-90% / $3.99)

If you’re a fan of the Desparados series, or you were a fan of the old Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood game, then buy this right now. Seriously, Shadow Tactics is one of the best stealth-tacticals ever made, and it’s an absolute bargain for $4.

Unravel (-90% / $1.99)

This is a very cute platformer, and it’s now available at a historically low price. Sure, it won’t be a game that you can keep playing for hundreds of hours, but you will give you a few fun afternoons. And that has to be worth it for $2.

Fallout: New Vegas (-75% / $2.49)

Okay, maybe we look cheap for including so many games for under $5, but times are tough, and when games are that cheap you can take a chance on them without fear of buyer’s remorse. But don’t worry, you won’t regret getting Fallout: New Vegas, which remains one of the highest rated games on the whole of the Steam database, and is maybe the best in the series.

Cyberpunk 2077 (-50% / $29.99)

Okay, this one is going to be super controversial. Some people would argue this isn’t even worth $30. But, and this is a big but, if you like dystopian sci-fi, then despite all its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the best version of that fantasy you can find. And CDPR are committed to improving it, so you can think of this as more of an investment.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (-50% / $29.99)

And this is our much less controversial suggestion for $30. Sekiro is widely regarded as a fantastic game that was thoughtfully developed. There’s really no big negatives we can say for this one, it still holds up as a great game, and it’s worthy of your time.

Hades (-40% / $14.99)

We’ll end on a high: Hades. This is a hugely popular game, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best rogue-like dungeon crawlers made in the last ten years. In fact, it’s probably one of the best rogue-like dungeon crawlers of all time.

And there you have it folks, everything you need to know to enjoy the Autumn Stream Sale. Oh, and if you still need a Steam Deck to actually play some of these games, we got you🇧🇷


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