Big Brother 24: Ameerah Jones Post-Eviction Interview (2022)

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Big Brother isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. This is going really well, and it’s really fun taking people out.”

Those turned out to be near-literal final words from Ameerah Jones during her time in the house. Only seven days ago, the content designer was sitting at the top. Not only had she helped mastermind the blindside of Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, but she got into a safe spot within multiple majority alliances. Even when the show threw a new twist their way in the form of “Festie Besties,” she and her allies still felt comfortable when it seemed that house target Taylor Hale would finally be on her way out the door.

But behind the scenes, tucked away in the HoH room, another plan was forming. Being clued in on those alliances Ameerah was a part of, the men decided to make an opposing group with the outsiders, including Taylor herself. They quickly struck as HoH Matthew Turner shocked half the house by nominating Ameerah and her “bestie” Terrance Higgins. After an incredibly chaotic fallout, Ameerah still felt safe against the bus driver. But it was her her who ended up being thrown under the bus, being left out of the plan by “The Leftovers” and causing the so-called head of the snake to be decapitated.

Now out of the house, Ameerah talks with about her thoughts on the Leftovers alliance, how she reacted to Turner’s statements about bullying Taylor in the house, and her rapid-fire thoughts on all of the remaining houseguests.

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We have to start with where things finished. Julie shows you a photo of the Leftovers alliance that masterminded your eviction, a group that you yourself even counted out earlier in the episode. What was your reaction to seeing this unlikely coalition come together?
I was shocked! I knew there was something happening. I knew that Turner was smart and strategic. I knew he wouldn’t make a move like that without having the backup. However, I could not put the pieces together of who was backing him up. So when I saw the faces, I almost felt kind of sick. These are people that I had trusted, and I was telling them about different alliances that happened in the house. I was giving them this big ball of information, and they took it and formed their own alliance. And they were playing me in the meantime, making me feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. But the whole time, they were doing their whole thing. (laughs.)

Who most notably stuck out to you from the alliance reveal, either someone you felt betrayed by or shocked to see in the majority?
Monte, Kyle, and Michael. Al three of them were in my Po’s Pack alliance. And so I really trusted them. Because from the beginning, we were always saying, “Oh, this is the final six. We’re going to the end. We cannot screw this up.” And so I felt strongly about that. And Monte had come to me in the first week to have a Final Two. So I felt really solid with him. He came to me and was like, “I want to stand in the end with a woman of color. That’s the only way I’m going out.” And so I trusted him. I felt that in my heart. And I was like, “Okay, I’m going to look out for Monte,” and I assumed that he would do the same for me.

You told Julie that you kind of felt you were going. Did you pick up on anything in the house that tipped you off to that?
There was a sense of things. The tip off was I saw random people speaking to each other on one that don’t normally speak together. I was whispering like that’s weird. Why are they whispering together, they’re telling together before. But they’m fine me and everything is good to go.”

And then, right before the eviction ceremony, Michael and Kyle run up to me as I’m getting dressed. And they’re like, “Oh my gosh, Brittany knows about the Po’s Pack alliance.” And I say to them, “Are you guys tricking me? Like, are you guys fooling me right now? This is the worst timing. This is weird. What’s going on?” And so once they said that, I thought I might be going home tonight.

We saw absolute chaos after your nomination in the veto ceremony. Talk me through your side of the havoc.
I was completely blindsided. I was completely shocked that I was used as the replacement nominee. I didn’t see that coming for a million years. And I was confused because of his speech. He started off talking about bullying, and then he put me and Terrance up. I was already aware that there were people in the house that were really doing some damage. And I was like, “Why wouldn’t he put those people up? Why are me and Terrance getting put up?”

I was trying to connect the dots with everything. I was thinking, “Where are the missing puzzle pieces that Turner is talking to?” So I kept trying to watch him and see who he was talking to and figure out what was going on in the house. Initially, for the first couple hours, I just nobody trusted and nothing that was being told to me. In my head I was like, “I can’t I can’t listen to anybody. I don’t believe anyone right now.”

Let’s talk about Turner’s speech. He alluded to the things being said and done about Taylor in the house. And it seems like, despite what he said, you and your allies continued to make comments about Taylor in the days leading up to your eviction. Now that you’re out of the game, how do you look back on how she was treated?
I didn’t like the treatment of Taylor. I have to admit that I contributed to it, especially in the beginning, because of how I felt and things I was hearing. I was hearing a lot of hearsay in the house. It’s just a bunch of secrets going around. We’re all here to play the game. People are throwing false accusations around plus true accusations, and you’re trying to figure everything out. And so once the house had a target of Taylor, we just kept rolling with it. Because each week, we have to take somebody out. And that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m like, “Okay, she’s easy target. Everyone is mad at her. Let’s just keep rolling with it”. So I definitely think that the bullying got a little out of hand. And I wish that I would have done something about it sooner.

You were one of the players behind Pooch’s blindside last eviction. In retrospect, how much do you think that led to you talking with me today?
I think if I wouldn’t have done that, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I think that after that, people were scared of me because I was able to get Pooch out of this house by just speaking about it. But to me, I thought it was obvious to get Pooch out of the house. Who volunteers to go on the block?! (laughs.) We already have a target in Taylor and somebody volunteers to go on the block. Let’s get them out first and then get Taylor out next week. We already agreed on the old target. Let’s just get this target out right now. And it’s the very beginning. So to me, I’m like, “How many strong connections can Pooch have? Come on, let’s just get it over with.” As much as I loved pooch, I just felt like it was such an easy target to take out. But there were definitely some issues with that. Some people were really riding hard for him.

To finish, let’s get your rapid-fire thoughts on the remaining houseguest. Staring with Alyssa.
Beautiful, funny, innocent, gullible, sensitive.
Mysterious, confused. Goes behind your back. Brittany lied to me directly, so I never trusted Brittany. I would probably say “liar.”
Explosive, unreasonable, emotional. But loving.
Spicy, confused, spontaneous. Funny and dangerous.
Oh, gosh, I love Jasmine. Funny. But she was gullible. She didn’t really understand a lot that was going on. lost
Handsome. Funny. Play dumb. Silly.
He’s innocent. Very, very silly. He’s fun to be around.
Comp beast! Intelligent, strategic mastermind, genius, perfection. Winner! (laughs.)
Mysterious. He doesn’t give a lot away. He likes to he’s motivational. But he’s also a liar and manipulative.
Explosive, dramatic, sensitive, strong. Very strong-willed.
Oh my gosh. Okay. So she’s very beautiful. But she’s also sneaky. She’s very, very strategic. She’s intelligent, and a little shady.
He was innocent. I think he downplayed his personality a lot to be accepted within the house. He was kind of clueless a lot of times. But a great personality and father figure.
Finally, Turner.
He was mysterious. He was sneaky, shady. I found him very interesting.

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