Best guns in Warzone 2: Early game meta weapons ranked

Warzone 2 has a wide array of weapons to choose from in the CoD battle royale, and our guide will show you what we think are the best early meta guns you should focus on in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah.

The next chapter in the Call of Duty battle royale saga has begun as Warzone 2 is officially underway, and BR fans are now dropping into the game’s brand new map – Al Mazrah.

Between its iconic POIs and new circle mechanics, players have a lot to take in, including some top weapons trying to set the meta early thanks to Modern Warfare 2’s guns.

Players are already trying to determine the best Perk Package combination to use, along with the most ideal weapons following the Season 1 buffs and nerfs.

So let’s run through Warzone 2’s best guns to use early on before a meta truly begins to settle in the battle royale shooter.

Best guns in Warzone 2: Ranked list

Warzone 2 hasn’t been out all that long, so we’ve ranked the guns that we’ve found to operate the best, and a comprehensive ranking of every gun in the game will be forthcoming.

For now, these are the main weapons you should focus on using and claiming from the map’s shops as we feel they are close to being as meta as anything else and should serve you well.

Here they are ranked from top spot in descending order:

  1. RAAL MG
  2. M4
  3. Kastov 762
  4. RPK
  5. EBR-14
  6. SP-R 208
  7. Fennec 45
  8. signal 50

Best Guns in Warzone 2

8. Signal 50 – Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2

We believe the Signal 50 is the best Sniper Rifle in the game at present due to its outrageous power and incredibly fast fire rate for a Sniper Rifle.

Having attachments that increase the gun’s speed and mobility, whilst also having its recoil boosted by the Barrel, means there’s a lot to like here about the Signal 50.

Sometimes, normal ARs just won’t cut it once you reach a certain range, and the Signal 50 allows you to one-shot players at long distances with well-placed shots. If you miss or only get a strong body shot, its fire rate will make up for this to get that second shot away quickly.

7. Fennec 45 – Best Submachine Gun in Warzone 2

fennec 50 smg in warzone 2

We prefer running the Fennec 45 as a secondary weapon if you are able to get your hands on a loadout either through completing a Stronghold or acquiring a Loadout Drop.

There’s no denying the sheer ferocity of the Fennec as it can rip through an entire clip of bullets in a heartbeat, and having a slightly bigger mag will ensure that you’re stocked up.

The Fennec 45 revolves around speed and mobility and that’s exactly what it offers as you drill countless holes into players at close-range.

6. SP-R 208

sp-r 208 sniper rifle in warzone 2

The SP-R 208’s penchant for one-shotting enemies is the same in Warzone 2 as it is in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

If you want something that excels at closer distances than a Sniper Rifle, then the SP-R 208 will do the business. We prefer a longer scope as it allows us to add a hefty amount of zoom to the weapon, without turning it too much into a fully-fledged Sniper Rifle.

5. EBR-14 – Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

ebr 14 in cod warzone 2

It might come down to which Marksman Rifle you prefer, but we find the EBR-14 takes the crown as the game’s leading weapon in this category because of its increased weapon speed.

Its speed makes up for the fact that it doesn’t quite have the same one-hit potential as other Marksman Rifles, but in the right hands, the EBR-14 is potent and deadly.


rpk in cod warzone

The early feel and weight of Warzone 2 mean there’s plenty of room for variation in the game’s meta at the moment, with no finer example than the RPK LMG.

With ARs not being the bonafide beam machines that they were in the original Warzone, a weapon like the RPK flourishes in a battle royale environment. A bigger mag and harder-hitting bullets mean that you should consider this relentless beast.

3. Kastov 762

kastov 762 in warzone 2

The Kastov 762 is secretly posing as the legendary AK-47, so you already know what you’re getting with the weapon’s base form, a ton of firepower with a hefty kick.

With ADS not being as critical as in MW2, we can concentrate on improving the gun’s recoil stats, an important factor in making the Kastov 762 one of the game’s top dogs. As with any AK-47 in history, if you can keep the recoil under control, then it’s almost guaranteed to get you kills.

2. M4 – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone 2

m4 assault rifle in warzone 2

The weapon’s accessibility straight from the get-go makes the M4 one of the best choices for anyone starting Warzone 2, and it’s also a top weapon as you progress through the ranks.

Going back to Call of Duty 4, the M4 has always had terrific versatility and has always been well-rounded. Solid accuracy, more than serviceable damage, and a handy ammo clip means the M4 is ready for virtually any firefight.

1. RAAL MG – Best Warzone 2 gun right now

raal mg in warzone 2

For our eyes, the RAAL MG is where it’s at, it was touted as a monster before Warzone 2 launched, and the LMG is duly delivering on its hopes and promises in Al Mazrah.

It just hits so hard and its recoil can be drastically reduced to turn the RAAL MG into a bludgeoning laser. Its reload time isn’t offensive either, usually a worry for most LMGs, and it’s fully capable of wiping out a full squad in one clip, and you can’t argue with that.

For our money, the RAAL MG is the best Warzone 2 weapon at present, so we’ll have to see if it stays that wait as updates and meta shifts take effect.

That wraps up what we believe to be the best early meta weapons in Warzone 2 for you to try out as the game finds its feet. If you want even more Warzone 2 content and guides, we have plenty more below for you to check out:

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ImageCredit: Activision

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