Vertical full-colour micro-LEDs via 2D materials-based layer transfer

Lee, VW, Twu, N. & Kymissis, I. Micro-LED technologies and applications. Inf. Disp. 3216–23 (2016). Google Scholar Zhan, T., Yin, K., Xiong, J., He, Z. & Wu, S.-T. Augmented reality and virtual reality displays: perspectives and challenges. iScience 23101397 (2020). Article Google Scholar Gong, Z. Layer-scale and chip-scale transfer techniques for functional devices and systems: … Read more

Azure Load Testing now GA with new speed, security options

Microsoft’s Azure Load Testing has become generally available this week, offering development teams a fully managed service to validate the performance, scalability and quality of applications and services. This release, accessed within the Azure portal, includes new features such as quick test creation and supports Apache JMeter capabilities. Azure Load Testing, first made available in … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. iPhone 14: spec comparison

Apple’s iPhone 14 now has a new rival: the Samsung Galaxy 23. Announced during the company’s recent Unpacked event alongside a slate of new Galaxy Books, the S23 series is available for preorder starting this week with a street date of February 17th. The new phones arrive with faster performance, bigger batteries, and updated selfie … Read more

Subway Surfers Has Been Taking Over TikTok Feeds Lately

If you spend any time on TikTok, you may have noticed that a certain kind of video collage is popping up all over your For You page. maybe it has a clip of the adult cartoon family guy in thereor socialist Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker talking about Black Lives Matter. But no matter the … Read more

Apple and Google app stores get thumbs-down from White House

The Biden administration is taking aim at Apple and Google for operating mobile app stores that it says stifle competition. The finding is contained in a Commerce Department report released by the administration on Wednesday as President Biden convened his competition council for an update on efforts to promote competition and lower prices. “You’ve heard … Read more

How To Turn On Your iPhone’s Hotspot

You are in the midst of important work online, and suddenly the internet connection goes down. Nearly all of us have experienced such a situation in our lives and the frustration that comes with it. It is not unusual for even the most reliable of Wi-Fi connections to slip up at homes and offices. Technology … Read more

How Fictiv is making hardware manufacturing more like building software • TechCrunch

By enabling companies to focus on their core competencies Over the past few years, we’ve spoken with hundreds of hardware startups, and there’s one phrase that has been showing up in almost every interview: “supply chains.” They were always important for people shipping physical products, of course, but the pandemic and the international logistics chaos … Read more

How Berkeley Lab Helped Develop One of the World’s Most Popular Open-Source Security Monitoring Platforms – News Center

When Vern Paxson was a graduate student in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab) Network Research Group in the 1990s, the term “cybersecurity” was not well known. But the software now known as Zeek, which Paxson developed at Berkeley Lab based on his general internet traffic research, has become one of the world’s most popular … Read more