Australian veteran Glenn Kolomeitz to head up Ukraine war crimes mobile justice teams

Glenn Kolomeitz is a veteran of Afghanistan and East Timor, a former New South Wales Police investigator and spent more than a decade as a lawyer defending veterans’ rights.

Now he’s preparing to take on his greatest challenge as a Ukraine war crimes investigator.

Mr Kolomeitz has been hired by a United Kingdom-based foundation contracted to the Prosecutor General of the Ukraine and will be based in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Working as senior war crime prosecutor, he will help respond to 20,000 outstanding allegations after Russia’s invasion of the country.

“There are a lot of lawyers there who have studied international law, but they wanted that ex-military, boots-on-the-ground experience and the policing experience, the ability to work in high intensity crime scenes,” Mr Kolomeitz said.

Leading the organisation’s mobile justice team, Mr Kolomeitz said his effort was an extension of the support already provided by Australia.

Mr Kolomeitz’s experience in Afghanistan will give him the necessary skills for his new position.(Supplied: Glenn Kolomeitz)

“The Ukraine counter offensive has been amazing,” he said.

“The Russians are really bogged down in this conflict, while the Ukrainian forces are very mobile thanks in part to the Australian provision of Bushmasters, our 155mm howitzers and our Javelin anti-armour weapons.”

Multiple areas of investigation

The war crime investigations will focus on several areas including command responsibility, indiscriminate targeting of civilians and infrastructure, use of sexual violence, forced transfers of people into Russia and genocide.


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