Apple needs to fold the iPhone and forget about Glasses

I was terribly disappointed, though not surprised, to hear that the rumored Apple Glasses had been delayed indefinitely. This doesn’t mean apple glasses are canceled, it just means we probably won’t see them at WWDC mid-year, or on sale for the holidays. Now, I guess Apple will have to make a foldable iphone. In fact, if I were a betting man, I’d say canceling glasses makes an iPhone Flip a sure thing.

I am sure that the future of phones will be on our faces. Every Black Mirror episode involving wearable glasses, implanted eyeball technology, and whatever other augmented reality state technology can offer, I’m sure that is the future. It makes too much sense.

AR wearables like the often-derided Google Glass is NOT the wearable future we want. (Image credit: Future)

Since the dawn of the iPhone, the smartphone world has been battling the limitations of the form factor. It’s no coincidence that phones have been steadily growing in size. The smartphone and all its connectivity unlock the entire world from your pocket. How can you contain the world in a six-inch display?

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