‘Another 7, IGN?’ Why So Many Games Score 7 and Above

When you consider the main purpose of a review is to answer the question of whether something is actually as good as it appears to be in ads and previews before you decide to spend your time and money on it, there’s no greater waste of everybody’s time and effort than telling people that something they’ve never heard of isn’t good. This is what I tell people when they ask why so few reviews on IGN end up on the bottom half of that scale. There are a few reasons for this and none of them have to do with a reluctance to give low scores when they’re warranted.

The reality is there are simply far too many things coming out to possibly review them all. In a typical week you might see countless new games, movies and TV episodes. But all of these are not created equal: most are underwhelming or clearly bad and go completely unnoticed by the vast majority of people. Some are middle-of-the-road and generally worthwhile, and just a few are heavily marketed, highly anticipated events. The rarest of all are the surprise-hit gems that come out of nowhere and are all but impossible to predict. So given that IGN can only handle so many reviews at once – we generally review around 1,000 things per year, across all categories – we have to pick and choose which to review and which to let sail by.

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