6 things Apple should have changed about the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14, and especially the iPhone 14 Pro, aren’t just great phones; they come close to smartphone perfection right now. Even though Apple didn’t update much from the last generation, that generation was already so far ahead of the competition that little improvement was needed to keep the iPhone on top. Still, I feel like Apple could have done more; there are some obvious improvements the manufacturer could have made, but I think there are even deeper changes to consider.

Apple’s new phone will be a winner, but will it be a definitive win? Will it be the easy choice at the top of every top ten best smartphone list? Will it maintain Apple’s spot as the majority platform among phone users in the US? It seems that, with a few improvements, Apple could have created a device that is unquestionably the only device buyers should consider.

1. A bigger battery, of course

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