30 gorgeous wallpapers for your phone and desktop

Here are 30 of our favorite wallpaper background ideas from The Dragon Prince that you can download to desktops or phones.

The Dragon Prince has just returned to Netflix after its extended hiatus and fans are quick to binge the entire nine-episode fourth season.

Whilst the storyline and the character will understandably take the majority of the plaudits, the incredible artwork from the series (official and fan-made) is well worth a gander.

Here are 30 gorgeous wallpaper ideas from The Dragon Prince for desktop and phone backgrounds.

Websites with a gallery of The Dragon Prince wallpapers

There are a plethora of dedicated wallpaper and background websites that feature entire galleries for The Dragon Prince.

User Caveman posted a thread of excellent The Dragon Prince wallpapers to WallpaperCave, which feature various watercolor pictures and promotional material.

If you are into some more abstract artwork, Wallpaper Flare is the site to visit.

Character posters and art in predominantly landscape formats can also be found on Wallpaper Boat, Wallpaper Access, and Alpha Coders.

Alternatively, Peakpx has a wide collection of portrait backgrounds and wallpapers that are perfect fits for mobile phone devices.

Gorgeous landscapes and background wallpapers

Whilst you can spend your time trawling through those dedicated websites, social media platforms are still the best way to find gorgeous desktop and mobile phone wallpapers for The Dragon Prince.

Character designs, promotional posters, and images from various sneak peek clips may all be deserving as your new wallpaper; but the background imagery from The Dragon Prince arguably contains the most beautiful images available.

Our personal favorite designs in this category include the following images of the enormous dragons which are able to depict the scale of these magical beasts in gorgeous color schemes.

If you prefer a background that is a little more abstract, showing scenes and locations from The Dragon Prince, why not download some of these?

Adorable character-based wallpapers

Despite the previous environmental and dragon-based wallpapers being absolutely stunning, they tend to not make the best backgrounds for your mobile devices due to the format.

Thankfully, there is also a variety of portrait wallpapers from specific characters, uploaded by the Rayla_101 Twitter page.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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