Police warn that Oregon torture suspect is using dating apps

This undated photo provided by the Grants Pass Police Department shows Benjamin Obadiah Foster. Foster is accused of torturing a woman he held captive, less than two years after he was convicted in Nevada of critically injuring another woman he held captive for two weeks. This undated photo provided by the Grants Pass Police Department … Read more

I Waited Hours for Walt Disney World’s Most Famous Cookies

Photo: Julie Tremaine When Gideon’s Bakehouse opened at Walt Disney World in 2021, it’s not exactly an exaggeration to say that people lost their damn minds. Crowds gathered by the thousands to wait in line for their famous cookies, which already had an avid fan base in Orlando. The treats are mammoth—each one weighs about … Read more

Southwest Posts $220m Q4 Loss After Total Operational Meltdown

Back in December, the US low-cost carrier (LCC) Southwest Airlines was hit by a wave of severe disruptions that led to the cancellation of an astonishing 16,700 flights. The economic impact of a disruption of this magnitude has materialized in the airline’s fourth-quarter negative financial results. Nonetheless, Southwest’s overall solid financial performance has ensured the … Read more

How developers can avoid remote work scams

Remote work scams, otherwise known as work-from-home scams, encourage people to unwittingly apply to fake companies that tout the ability to work from wherever one chooses. Unfortunately, these jobs do not exist. Instead these offers serve the scammers’ real goal: to steal personal information, money, or both. Oftentimes, these scams require “new recruits” to purchase … Read more

How to mute words, manage videos on social media

Memphis police footage from the traffic stop that precipitated the death of 29-year-old Tire Nichols is expected to be released sometime after 6 pm CST Friday, officials said. Nichols died on Jan. 10, three days after a traffic stop near his mother’s home and following what Memphis police called a “confrontation.” Shelby County District Attorney … Read more

Apple’s Headset Will Reportedly Let Customers Create AR Apps via Siri

Apple is working on new software tools that will allow both developers and customers to create augmented reality apps for its widely-rumored AR/VR headset, according to a paywalled report today from The Information‘s Wayne Ma. Interestingly, the report claims that customers will be able to create and release AR apps for the headset via Siri, … Read more