Police Software Vendor Breach Exposes Personal Data, Raid Plans

Hackers have leaked data stolen from a police software and services provider. The information is said to include “confidential police reports” with extensive personal details on individuals monitored by police and information about upcoming police operations.Cyber ​​attackers breached ODIN Intelligence’s internal servers to steal data that included both internal company information and data uploaded by … Read more

Senior Bowl delivers NFL prospects to Mobile again

The Reese’s Senior Bowl unveiled the rosters for its 74th annual all-star game on Monday, and Jim Nagy, the game’s executive director, was gratified to say that in the face of change the quality had stayed the same. Last year, the NFL partnered with the East-West Shrine Bowl to move that all-star game to Las … Read more

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Loading JustWatch data… Summary With his back against the wall, Bumpy tries to find new allies as war with the Italians — and perhaps within his family — begins to seem inevitable. This recap of Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 2, “Alzado”, contains spoilers. Even the worst, most ruthless career criminals have rules, it … Read more

PS5 DualSense Modular Controller Review: Luxe Game Changer

Photo: Eric Schulkin I’ve spent about a dozen hours playing games with the new DualSense Edge. At first, all the modular PlayStation 5 controller’s new bells and whistles feel extremely superfluous to me. I’ve been playing video games on standard controllers all my life without issue, and even the settings the controller has doesn’t feel … Read more

MTG Rules Change Potentially Teased by Leaked Card

Thanks to a cryptic tease and plenty of leaked cards last year, MTG players have known for some time that change is on the horizon. First teased my MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, the hype for this monumental change has steadily increased. In a recent MTG Arena Announcements post, for instance, Wizards stated that “in … Read more

It’s The Best Time Of Year For This Cozy, Slow Burn Game

screenshot: Mojiken I’m sure that indie studio Mojiken‘s supernatural slice-of-life A Space for the Unbound is the perfect game to play when it’s raining outside. It’s set in a pixel-y, 1990’s Indonesia, where everything is tinged in an evocative seafoam green, flanked by a low, hot sun and pink clouds. It gives you an attractive, … Read more

Everything New in iOS 16.3

Photo: nikkimeel (Shutterstock) It’s update time for your iPhone! So long as your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16, which means iPhone 8 or newer, you can download and install iOS 16.3 right now. From a major security update to fixes for some frustrating bugs, this latest iOS update is something every iPhone owner should … Read more

BTS’s RM is said to have presented a PPT Presentation to HYBE executives to propose a change in the company policy regarding NFTs

momentarya non-fungible token (NFT) platform created by Dunamuthe operator of Korea’s number 1 virtual asset exchange, and HYBE, is showing poor performance. This is a disappointing and painful result considering that it is an ambitious work that Song Chi Hyungthe chairman of Dunamu, had planned. Momentica is a platform that trades virtual assets that can … Read more