Dennis Quaid says he’s ‘shooting’ ‘Bass Reeves’ for Taylor Sheridan: ‘Making mayhem’

Dennis Quaid is filming for the upcoming six-part series “Bass Reeves,” with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan set to direct the first two episodes. The 68-year-old actor told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that he was working with the 52-year-old filmmaker on the Western series. “The Day After Tomorrow” star revealed that he would begin shooting … Read more

10 most iconic PlayStation 2 games, ranked

Revisiting a few retro classics on the PlayStation 2 [Everyone welcome Daniel Lenois to Destructoid, who just started freelancing for us! They’re a freelancer that’s worked for many sites, (including Culture Slate) and they have a knack for indie developer interviews. – Chris Carter] Throughout the thirteen-year-long lifespan of the PlayStation 2, from 2000 to … Read more

Florian Ledoux: The icy patience of an Arctic photographer

CNN — The polar bear was just a faraway speck in a frozen white expanse. A film crew began to follow at a distance, gradually getting closer. Suddenly the bear picked up a scent and changed direction – the crew followed, hoping it would lead to footage of a kill. The bear came to a … Read more

Only mobile QBs have beaten 49ers and here comes the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott

In the San Francisco 49ers’ first regular season game, a 19-10 loss at Chicago, Bears’ dual-threat quarterback Justin Fields escaped left to avoid up-the-middle pressure and threw across the field for a game-shifting, 51- yard touchdown pass to all-alone wideout Dante Pettis. Asked about the breakdown, defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans cited a lack of discipline … Read more

Aston Martin DBS770 Ultimate (2024)

Aston Martin DBS770 Ultimate Long associated with cars of exquisite style and intoxicating performance, the DBS nameplate has been attached to some of Aston Martin’s finest flagships. Since 2018 the DBS has stood at the pinnacle of Aston Martin’s series production range; a Twin-Turbo V12 powerhouse blessed with ferocious performance and unmatched style. With production … Read more

Streaming Platforms Leverage Mobile Payments in MENA

Streaming platforms are embracing mobile payments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Around the world, localizing payment methods is key for streaming platforms that don’t want to exclude potential customers. For example, Netflix has sought to broaden the range of alternative payment methods it accepts to include UPI in India and the … Read more