With Kokomo VR meeting software, Canon takes a step away from its hardware roots • TechCrunch

canon has a long and deep history of being a hardware manufacturer. Most consumers know it best as a camera manufacturer, but the company has a long, deep and illustrious history in medical, office equipment, and other imaging applications. During the pandemic, a lot of its business shifted. People stopped going to offices. Sporting events … Read more

Death of the narrator? Apple unveils suite of AI-voiced audiobooks | apple

Apple has quietly launched a catalog of books narrated by artificial intelligence in a move that may mark the beginning of the end for human narrators. The strategy marks an attempt to upend the lucrative and fast-growing audiobook market – but it also promises to intensify scrutiny over allegations of Apple’s anti-competitive behaviour. The popularity … Read more

Bernie Madoff: 5 things to know about Netflix docu-series, the case & how it become the ‘Wall Street Monster’

The orchestrator of one of the biggest Ponzi scams in the history of finance, Bernie Madoff, now has a Netflix documentary series featuring many interviews and whistleblowers, along with some behind-the-scenes information. He had defrauded thousands of clients out of billions and was rightly called “a financial sociopath”. So, who was Bernie Madoff and why … Read more

Intel announces new, mildly improved CPUs for this year’s crop of laptops

Enlarge / Intel’s new laptop CPU lineup is a lot like the old CPU lineup. intel Intel’s 13th-generation desktop CPU refresh is interesting because processors throughout the lineup are picking up extra clusters of four or eight E-cores, significantly improving how they handle heavily threaded tasks. The new laptop CPUs that Intel has also announced … Read more

Pro Coders Key to Stopping Citizen Developer Security Breach

Citizen development has been a buzzword since the emergence of low-code/no-code tooling, but adoption is just now reaching a significant scale. That’s led Forrester to predict this will be the year citizen development will create a headline-worthy security breach. “Somebody who’s coming from the lines of business typically doesn’t have as much knowledge when it … Read more

Apple Faces Rare $8.5 M Fine For Illegal Data Harvesting

Photo: rafapress (Shutterstock) Your iPhone protects your privacy—from everyone except Apple, apparently. France’s data protection authority, CNIL, fined Apple €8 million (about $8.5 million) Wednesday for illegally harvesting iPhone owners’ data for targeted ads without proper consent. It’s an unusual sanction for the iPhone maker, which has faced fewer legal penalties over privacy than its … Read more