OLE Health rolls out mobile health clinic to serve Napa County farmworkers

ST. HELENA — After decades of providing health care to Napa Valley farm laborers, OLE Health is bringing services closer to the workers themselves. OLE Health was founded by farmworker advocates and forward-thinking vintners in 1972 to provide health care to Spanish-speaking migrant workers. The health center has since grown to include six brick-and-mortar clinics … Read more

‘The Lying Life of Adults’ Review: Netflix Takes on Elena Ferrante

The pseudonymous novelist Elena Ferrante’s appeal to television producers remains as clear as the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sun-kissed Italian locations; prominent female leads, afforded greater agency than the Italian media have traditionally afforded their women; material that’s genre-adjacent, but open to more emotion than genre mechanics typically allow. As HBO’s much-lauded ‘My Brilliant Friend’ — three … Read more

How to Watch ‘Kaleidoscope’ Episodes in the Best Order

If you follow the rules and save “White” for last, there are 5,040 possible ways to watch Kaleidoscope. Rule-breakers who throw the finale into the mix have a mind-boggling 40,320 ways to watch. Photo: COURTESY OF NETFLIX Kaleidoscope arrives on Netflix with not one gimmick but two. As the title suggests, colors play a major … Read more

7 of our top tips for perfect photos

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a beast and one of our favorite Android phones released in 2022. It packs the right mix of software smarts, performance, and battery life in a beautiful and unique form factor. The Pixel 7 Pro’s camera is not to be glossed over. Compared to its predecessor, the Google Pixel … Read more

5 Ways to Make Money With a Mobile App for Your Business

Opinions expressed by <em>Entrepreneur</em> contributors are their own. </p><div> <p>Mobile apps continue to grow in popularity, which offers little surprise when considering the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone. This scenario leads many companies to consider crafting their own app, likely targeting both Apple iOS and Android platforms. Sometimes their goal for the app involves generating … Read more

‘Knots Landing’ star Donna Mills, 82, details her workout regimen for the new year: ‘You have to keep moving’

Donna Mills believes her dedication to breaking a sweat has been essential to remaining youthful. The former “Knots Landing” star caused a stir in December when she revealed some of her secrets to staying in shape to AARP – The Magazine. Now, the 82-year-old is sharing a sneak peek into her workout regimen for those … Read more

Why time-traveling tachyons probably don’t exist

Tachyons are hypothetical particles that always travel faster than the speed of light. Einstein showed that such particles would allow for communication back in time, which opens up all sorts of problems with a fundamental rule of the universe. While physicists haven’t proved that tachyons can’t exist, there’s good reason to believe they don’t. The … Read more