ServiceNow workflow can smooth ERP edges with partner help

ServiceNow got its start in 2003 by making cloud software to manage the help desk tickets, case management, messaging and workflows of the unsexy but vitally important tech-support function. The company’s IT service management (ITSM) software could handle both internal and external support, making it an employee- and customer-facing tool. ServiceNow executives eventually realized it … Read more

County, tribe reach accord on regulating dilapidated Oasis Mobile Home Park

The Board of Supervisors today approved a compact with a Coachella Valley Indian tribe that will allow Riverside County authorities to initiate enforcement measures intended to prevent the repopulation of a dilapidated mobile home park rife with hazards. “It’s been a long time coming,” Supervisor Manuel Perez said. “This will help us with enforcement efforts … Read more

Marshall’s Middleton Bluetooth speaker is the company’s new weatherproof flagship

Marshall already launched a few rugged, weatherproof portable Bluetooth speakers, but so far they’ve been relatively small. That changes today with the launch of the Middleton. It’s still portable enough to chuck into a backpack, but it has an IP67 rating, 20+ hours runtime at mid-volume, dual woofers and tweeters pushing out 50-watts of 360-degree … Read more

‘Nothing, Forever’ Is An Endless ‘Seinfeld’ Episode Generated by AI

Screenshot from Twitch User @watchmeforever Four pixelated cartoon characters talk to each other about coffee, Amazon deliveries, and veganism as they stand apart in a decorated NYC apartment. There is one woman and three men who seem to be the animated versions of Seinfeld’s main characters, Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer. But unlike seinfeld, these … Read more

Linux and Android are the future of handheld gaming

Devices like the Steam Deck, Ayaneo 2, and even the Nintendo Switch have taken the world by storm in recent years. Portable handheld consoles open up a new world of experience. While Nintendo has been making handhelds for years, the first two offer PC gaming on the go, complete with good performance, excellent battery life, … Read more

Top tech for the perfect bedroom ambience

The way that smart lighting can transform a home into an array of beautifully illuminated stages is hard to appreciate until you’ve taken the plunge. Forest-tinged utility rooms, living rooms in party mode and bedrooms with simulated candlelight are all a couple of taps away, and adjustable on a whim. WiZ lights come from the … Read more

4 critical API caching practices all developers should know

When implemented correctly, API caching can reduce an application’s load and increase responsiveness. But without proper implementation and testing, caching problems can lead to unmanageable loads, cascading failures and ultimately the breakdown of an application. Many management tools — including open source tools — can easily integrate with an application to perform API caching processes. … Read more