Kari Lake’s opening salvo in election fraud case appears to fall short

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had a lackluster first day in court as she tried to prove her election against governor-elect Katie Hobbs was stolen.

Lake’s lawyers have made several allegations of being improper in the election, but even if proven true, they don’t seem to be enough to explain Lake’s loss of 17,000 votes to Hobbes. According to the Associated Press, Lake’s team was primarily focused on the allegations in Maricopa County.

Lake’s lawsuit alleges that election officials maliciously allowed “huge numbers of illegal ballots” to be counted in elections. , county officials say everyone is finally allowed to vote.

According to the Associated Press, Lake also claimed that ballot management was broken at the off-site facility and that workers at the facility inserted their ballots there rather than going to polling stations. However, the county has disputed each of Lake’s claims, and it is unclear how her complaint could have resulted in 17,000 votes being miscounted or otherwise fraudulent.

Arizona Proves 2022 Election Results, Solidifies Democratic Victory Statewide

Kari Lake speaking at a Republican election night rally in Arizona.
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Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs campaigns.

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs campaigns.
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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson allowed a two-day trial to substantiate Lake’s election fraud claims. The trial ends Thursday.

Kari Lake’s Attorney Ahead of Potential Legal Battle in Arizona Gubernatorial Election

Thompson’s decision to join the trial requires Lake to prove that the Maricopa County printer malfunction was in fact a malicious attempt to sabotage her election. Requires Lake to prove that the failure did in fact influence the outcome of the election.

Lake’s first lawsuit showed eight allegations of election fraud, along with a malfunctioning printer and a series of custody claims, but Thompson dismissed those allegations.

Dismissed claims include:

  • Count I – Infringement of Freedom of Speech
  • Count III – Invalid Signatures for Mail-in Ballots
  • Count V: Equivalent Protection
  • Count VI: Due Process
  • Earl VII – Secrecy Clause
  • Count VIII: Fraudulent proof
  • Count IX: Inadequate Relief
  • Count X: Constitutional Rights
Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs

Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs


Meanwhile, Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey met with Hobbes, who is set to take office on January 2.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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