IndiGo flight attendant tells passenger to ‘shut up’ in nasty row

A dramatic video shows a flight attendant lying over an overbearing passenger. He allegedly made his colleague cry over food demands. She furiously tells the traveler that she is not his “servant”.

“Shut up! I’m not your servant,” the IndiGo crew snaps to passengers in the video that’s going viral Indian reporter Tarun Shukla shared on Twitter.

A disgusted flight attendant was working on IndiGo flight 6E12 from Istanbul to Delhi on Dec. 16 when the dispute erupted, the low-cost Indian airline confirmed in a statement to Shukla.

tiff reportedly started with a request for a sandwich.
Twitter / @shukla_tarun

“Stop pointing fingers at me and yelling. My crew is crying because of you,” continues the unnamed airline employee.

“You can’t talk to crew like that,” she exclaims when another crew member tries to calm the situation down and take her colleague away.

Local broadcaster NTDV reported that a shouting match erupted after a passenger requested a sandwich and was told by a flight attendant that he had to make sure a sandwich was available.

Flight attendant talking to passenger
The argument devolved into shouting.
Twitter / @shukla_tarun
Flight attendant talking to passenger
The footage quickly went viral on social media.
Twitter / @shukla_tarun

In a statement to Shukla, IndiGo spokesperson confirms: “The issue was related to meals selected by certain passengers traveling on codeshare flights.”

However, the employee’s reaction infuriated the man and caused the crew to shed tears.

A second flight attendant came in and asked the man, “Please understand.”

IndiGo Airplane Aerial
Fighting broke out on Indigo 6E 12 flight from Istanbul to Delhi.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

“There’s a cart and the meals that count are uplifting [on the plane]'” she explains in the clip.

“Why are you yelling?” the passenger fights back.

“I’m terribly sorry, but I can’t speak to the crew like that. I literally listen to you with respect, but I have to respect the crew as well,” she replied. .

When a passenger tells her to shut up, the flight attendant replies, “Shut up!”

“I am an employee.

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