Fantasy Football Rankings Week 16: Sleepers, starts, sits | Deon Jackson, Tyler Allgeier and more

Hopefully you survive the first round of the fantasy football playoffs. With fewer and fewer live teams each week, I put another spin on Sleeper. So in these Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings, Fringe his starter (Sleeper) good and bad games, plus yet another Christmas-themed match. enjoy rankingIf you don’t like euphoria, you might want to skip this week.

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2022 Week 16 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨Caution🚨 These are sleepers. They will never copy my ranking 100%. This is upside and often comes with more risk.

And since it’s 16 weeks, I’m going to mix things up a bit. At this point, you don’t need a paragraph for each player. So let’s use APA (link above) to show you some good and bad matchups. For fringe starters (aka sleepers or possible benches). This doesn’t mean you have to start with the good stuff or bench the bad stuff everywhere. These are just a look at potential favorable plays and players who might reconsider with a quality replacement on hand.


good match up

  • Zach Wilson, NYJ (vs. JAX) β€” it takes some guts (perhaps insane guts) to kick off Wilson for the playoffs.
  • Daniel Jones, NYG (@ MIN) β€” Matt Ryan is the second quarterback since Week 3 to not reach 17 or more fantasy points against the Vikings, and last week was the second time Jones didn’t hit double digits.
  • Geno Smith, SEA (@KC) β€” definitely a must-start area, even with an off week (and the 49ers are a big reason for his two worst games).
  • Aaron Rodgers, GB (@MIA) β€” thanks in part to his thumb, his last good game was against an equally weak pass defense (TEN in Week 11). Let’s pump that horse blood…or whatever Rogers is these days.

bad matchup

  • Brock Purdy, SF (vs. WAS) β€” It was fun, but the Commander reached the top spot in the toughest QB matchups.
  • Taylor Heinicke, WSH (@SF) β€” It’s hard to trust my son because the 49ers are still the scariest.
  • Trevor Lawrence, JAX (@NYJ) β€” Man, it’s going to be hard to bench Lawrence during this run, but against the Jets in a short week? If it’s raining, that’s worrying enough.

run back

good match up

  • Leonard Fournett, TB (@ARI) β€” Fournette returned to the top spot last week. Given that the Buccaneers give him his 15+ touches, it’s hard to bench him against the Cardinals, who gave Latavius ​​his Murray and Marlon his Mac a big game… pretty much any opponent.
  • Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson, MIA (vs. GB) β€” Mostert is a must if Wilson doesn’t come back, but even if Wilson comes back and is leading, the Packers could be in a position to start either. scored three times (two double-digit games against the Eagles).
  • Deon Jackson, Zack Moss, IND (vs. LAC) β€” If you think the Colts will catch up, Jackson looks like that play. If you think the Colts can keep up with the Chargers, Moss is an option. Both are upside/risk RB3 in this matchup.

bad matchup

  • Chuba Hubbard, D’Onta Foreman, CAR (vs. DET) β€” Hubbard was the better option for weeks, but against the Lions β€” now the most worrisome running back matchup β€” neither is worth the risk.
  • Brian Robinson, Antonio Gibson, WSH(@SF) β€” Robinson looks fine but needs more than average rest as he admits he’s still in pain from his gunshot wound. It almost never allowed double-digit scores, let alone score in the digits.
  • Tyler Allgeier, Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL (@BAL) β€” Allgeier is a great fill-in for many fantasy teams and would be worth picking up off waivers if he was there, but if you’re good at running backs, both he and Patterson are in a tough spot (in Baltimore) I’m in
  • Lois Freeman, HOU (@TEN) β€” I don’t want to put Freeman in jeopardy in Week 16. Besides, the Texan heads to Tennessee and faces his one of the worst running his back matchups.

wide receiver

good match up

  • Garrett Wilson, NYJ (@JAX) β€” Zack Wilson is trash juice, but in his first start he looked competent and targeted Wilson well. may occur. Garrett Wilson will be difficult to sit in this matchup, and he has a lot of volume.
  • Darius Slayton, NYG (@ MIN) β€” Slayton has cooled off recently, but Vikings offer the “right” matchup and could turn into a shootout if the excellent Danny Dimes wins.
  • Chris Moore, HOU (@TEN) β€” If you’re going to put the Texans in jeopardy (and keep Brandin Cooke and Nico Collins sided out), Moore will do.
  • DJ Moore, CAR (vs DET) β€” a lot of people didn’t want to put Moore in danger last week.

bad matchup

  • Zay Jones, JAX (@NYJ) β€” I know… I’m Zay Jones man. Jones would continue to play great if Source Gardner knew to stick with Christian Kirk. 84% left before the snap), Kirk spending only 10-11% in either outside position, while Jones spends 31% and 36%. That puts Jones at more risk than before. Where I got/wanted him to join his WR2 his combo, he now he’s WR3 boom/bust.
  • Brandon Aiyuk, SF (vs. WAS) β€” I expect Aiyuk to rebound, but he may not recover by Week 17 as the commander has not allowed any receiver other than Justin Jefferson to exceed 12.9 points since Week 6. 12.9 points is a good number to start with, but there are risks here. .
  • Colts WR (vs. LAC) β€” Chargers restrain Jaylen Waddle, limit Tyreek Hill, only five double-digit scores allowed after Week 5, three of which are named Hill, Davante Adams and DeAndre・It was Hopkins.
  • Rams WR (vs. DEN) β€” Baker Mayfield. Denver Broncos. No thank you. But… Pray for Bloch.

tight end

good match up

  • Robert Tonyan, GB (@MIA) β€” It was hit and miss (George Kittle did little but Jordan Akins had a great game). Aaron Rodgers has a lot of weapons now, but Toyyan is in a good position.
  • Mark Andrews, BAL (vs. ATL) β€” Look, that’s a tight end. If Lamar Jackson returns, perhaps even if he doesn’t, there are very few tight ends you can trust to play a good game… week after week. Andrews has too many advantages to sit another tight his end his streamer (yes, Andrews is a streamer) against the Falcons.
  • Chigoziem Okonkwo, TEN (vs. HOU) β€” With Treylon Burks back, this could get a little messy, but at least this season, the Texans are dominated by all the good tight ends (Cole Kemmett was still not good in Week 3).

bad matchup

  • Hunter Henry, Nebraska (vs. CIN) β€” With only two double-digit scores, the Bengals have been solid against tight ends this year.
  • Juwan Johnson, NO (@CLE) β€” It’s hard to bench tight ends on Johnson’s upside, but with the team running all over the Browns, passes to tight ends are rare, with only two scores above 7.0 points (14.1 and 14.1). 10.5), the tight end has only two touchdowns in the end position.
  • Cole Kmet, CHI (vs. BUF) β€” The Bills’ defense hasn’t been perfect against passes this year, but aside from Travis Kelce, no one but TJ Hockenson has put up 6.8 points, while Hock has just 8.0 points.

Have fun with the rankings!
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Week 16 Fantasy Football Projection

🚨 Heads up 🚨 These may differ from my rankings. Rank is the order in which I start players Outside of the added context, such as “I want the best upside even at risk”.Also based on QB, 6-point rest, and 4-point TD with half-PPR

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***these are No Updated Sunday morning, FYI***

Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings

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