Drying hub network launches in New Zealand

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — On December 19th, The Food Drying Co. launched its Drying Hub Network initiative. The company’s network of drying hubs provides human and animal food processors with high quality vacuum drying capabilities on a lease basis.

Backed by advisors from the Ministry of Primary Industries, The Factory, Callahan Innovation, Deloitte, Tompkins Wake and Everedge Global IP, The Food Drying Company opens first hub in Waikato, New Zealand We are planning to raise funds to build

Food Drying Co. provides superior vacuum drying capabilities to producers, farmers, food businesses, cooperatives, investors, upcyclers and governments. According to the company, drying helps preserve nutrients, enhance value and extend food storage life. A network of drying hubs has a small footprint, low transportation costs and few biosecurity issues.

Richard Guy, Founder and CEO of The Food Drying Co.

Source: Food Drying Co., Ltd.

The company will purchase vacuum drying technology and other equipment from DriedFresh Ltd. All hubs use DriedFresh’s state-of-the-art his OVDMA™ dryer and feature a technology roadmap developed and commissioned by Callaghan Innovation.

Hubs can be used for drying animal, seafood and plant material such as fruits, vegetables and roots.

“Toll drying facilities serving premium-end dry foods need the best vacuum drying technology. Options are limited.

The Food Drying Co. hub focuses on food safety to preserve the nutritional value of ingredients and prevent food waste. The hub operates on a timeframe basis, allowing the grower to pay up front for his 18 hours of drying time.

In addition to drying functionality, the hub also provides customers with biological, environmental and compound data via algorithms and sensors within the dryer. The company also provides a database of compounds on a subscription basis to slot owners and other third parties such as research institutes, universities and consultancies to help expedite the drying process.

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