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Blisteringly cold air is approaching: Temperatures across Alabama will hit 55-61 degrees this afternoon, with mostly cloudy skies. Most of the day is dry and the sun can make an occasional appearance in the afternoon. Enjoy these temperatures as the long-awaited Arctic front enters the northwest corner of the state around 6-7p CT.

Here are some important notes about the cold weather hitting Alabama tonight.

*There will be light rain in front of the front tonight, but very little rain, less than 1/10th of an inch in most places.

* Body temperature drops rapidly after the front passes. Some places go from 45 degrees to he 15 degrees in just 2 hours.

*After the front passes, the northern third of the state may experience temporary light snow showers and light snowfall in cool air. However, the deeper moisture moves out of the state rapidly as colder air arrives and no significant accumulation is expected. maybe.

*In Northern Alabama, strong northwesterly winds of 15-30 mph will drop the wind chill index into the -10 to -15 degree range after midnight through tomorrow morning. The wind chill index stays below zero for most of the day. Cold weather warnings have been issued for many parts of the state.

*These high winds will dry the roads quickly and extensive driving disruptions are not expected. However, any standing water will quickly turn to ice, so if you’re driving tonight or Friday, watch out for the ice.

*Saturday morning temperatures in the northern half of the state will drop to the 5-12 degree range. The lowest would be in the teens up to the Gulf Coast.

*Next Monday (December 26th) temperatures could cross freezing in the northern half of Alabama. That means many regions will experience 72 consecutive hours of freezing temperatures. It will be the coldest Christmas since 1989 for much of Alabama.

*People: It will be dangerously cold, especially for those without proper shelter or safe warmth!

– Dress in layers and have extra blankets on hand.
– Check your neighbors.
-Make sure your loved ones/neighbors have a safe and reliable heat source.
– Arrange emergency heating in case of power failure.
– Practice home heating safety. Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from flammable materials. Do not connect the space heater to extension cords or power strips.
-If you travel, make sure you’re prepared to deal with any surprises that might get you stuck. . Make sure the gas tank is not too low so that you can run the engine regularly to heat it up.

*PETS: Not all furry families can survive the harsh cold! If left exposed to extreme temperatures, they may die.

– Bring pets indoors and provide food and water.
– Prevent pets from accessing hazardous substances and items.

*Pipes: They can burst and run out of water, damaging your home.

– Cover/insulate or drain exposed pipes by Thursday.
– Drip faucet.

Next Week: This week will be warmer and drier. Temperatures will hit a low of 60 degrees by Friday (December 30)… Check out our daily weather video for maps, graphics and more.

This date in 1989: From December 22nd to December 24th, 1989, a deepening depression pulled a frigid Arctic air mass over the southeastern United States. This series of events resulted in a historic snowstorm and a rare white Christmas across the region. In Charleston, South Carolina, a storm left him with eight inches of snow. This is the largest amount of snowfall in modern history. Savannah, Georgia accumulated the heaviest snowfall in modern history, with a total storm accumulation of 3.6 inches.

Beach Forecast: Click here to visit the AlabamaWx Beach Forecast Center page.

Look for the next weather briefing video here before 3pm today. Enjoy your day!

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