Falcons, Commanders meet in matchup of mobile quarterbacks

ATLANTA (5-6) at WASHINGTON (6-5) Sunday, 1 pm EST, Fox FANDUEL SPORTSBOOK NFL LINE: commanders by 4 AGAINST THE SPREAD: Falcons 7-4; Commanders 6-4-1 SERIES RECORD: Washington leads 16-10-1 LAST MEETING: Washington beat the Falcons 34-30 on Oct. 3, 2021, at Atlanta. LAST WEEK: Falcons beat Bears 27-24; Commanders beat Texans 23-10. FALCONS OFFENSE: OVERALL … Read more

Loans Keep Africa’s Semiformal Businesses Open

Solopreneurs and micro-businesses are the lifeblood of Africa’s informal and semiformal economies, but when it comes to accessing working capital loans, they are typically underserved by most financial institutions. Related: Nigeria’s Underbanked Gig Workers Flock to One-Stop-Shop Financial Platforms In an interview with PYMNTS, Mina Shahid, co-founder and CEO at Ugandan FinTech startup firm Numida, … Read more

Office 365 and Google Workspace Banned from French Schools

The French Minister of National Education has confirmed that the use of Office 365 and Google Workspace in schools is prohibited. Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Educationrecently confirmed that free versions of Office and Google Workspace should not be used in schools due to concerns about privacy rules, competition, and data sovereignty. Paid versions of … Read more

Deliver Us Mars is exactly the kind of sci-fi Tomb Raider I can get behind

I’ve known for a long time that becoming an astronaut was never going to be my life’s calling. My eyesight’s terrible, for one, and I guarantee I’d be vomming all over the walls if I was ever put inside one of those whirly burly machines to simulate the experience of launching into space. Indeed, if the two hours I spent playing Deliver Us Mars last week were anything to go by, I don’t think I’d even make it through the doors at NASA. They’d take one look at me and turn me away on the spot, because man alive, even my fingers were aching after tackling a couple of different sections from early in the game’s story.

There’s a good reason for this, though, and it’s one that actually enhanced my experience of the game as opposed to detracting from it. You see, while heroine Kathy might look like an auto-climbing Lara Croft-stronaut, with her pair of pickaxes dangling off her suit, in practice she’s anything but. In fact, when she’s climbing up and down walls, Kathy has more in common with Grow Home’s little BUD bot than anyone else – albeit with a significantly higher polygon count. As she carries out her quest to look for tech to save Earth from an impending climate crisis, players manually control her climbing movements with pushes and squeezes of their right and left mouse buttons, plotting a course through the game’s gnarled mess of girders and metallic bulkheads one ax stab at a time. It’s a slow, but wonderfully tactile process, and it all adds up to launch Deliver Us Mars straight out of the trad, third-person action canon, and into the altogether starrier realms of platforming pioneers.

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What is Hive? I tried the latest Twitter alternative to gain steam

CNN Business 🇧🇷 Elon Musk’s rocky takeover of Twitter has already been marked by mass layoffs, resignations and the reinstatement of former president Donald Trump’s account figures, as well as other controversial figures, leaving many users uncertain about the direction of the platform’s future. Amidst the chaos, several Twitter alternatives have reported a surge in … Read more

Omega Launches Stunning 60th Anniversary James Bond Watch

Omega has announced a new watch to celebrate 60 years of James Bond. Double-O-7’s Diamond Anniversary celebrations have already been marked by a Royal Albert Hall concert, the unveiling of a purpose-built 18,000 square-foot ‘Sean Connery Stage’ at Pinewood Studios and a two-part charity auction at Christie’s that included a replica Aston Marin DB5, Q’s … Read more

The best navigation and map apps on Android 2022

As adventurous as you may be, some trips are too important to risk getting lost. While the Play Store provides great apps for video calling and other means of bypassing distance barriers, mobile devices are also perfect for personal navigation. Their portable nature makes them suited to guide you on your travels, providing helpful information … Read more