Fast-Growing Sunrise Software Company Buffeted by Lawsuits, Complaints – NBC 6 South Florida

Atal Bansal, owner of the fast-growing Sunrise software development company Chetu, had some words of advice for Florida International University’s 2016 engineering graduates: “Go as fast as you can. Go as hard as you can.” And Chetu – pronounced “chey-too” – has been going hard and fast for more than 20 years, reporting more than … Read more

Cadence Empowers Future Engineers Through Computational Software Donation to Cal Poly – Cal Poly News

New partnership offers students, faculty and staff access to the most advanced electronic design software for training and research SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — Cal Poly announced an agreement with Cadence Design Systems Inc., one of the leaders in the electronic design automation (EDA) software, to provide students, faculty and staff access to a vast … Read more

Brothers’ War Chase Card Exceeds $50!?

The Brothers’ War’s official release is coming this Friday, and players are quickly trying to figure out what the standout card from the set is. Every single one of the recent Standard expansions seems to have cards that overperform in competitive play. As a result, these chase cards skyrocket in price on the Secondary Market. … Read more

2X zoom on iPhone 14 Pro explained

The iPhone 14 Pro introduces a new 2X zoom with “optical-grade” quality, but without an actual 2X zoom lens on the phone. How is that possible? And does the quality of images with this new 2X mode really match up that of a dedicated 2X zoom lens? We explain how 2X mode works on the … Read more

Scality Ships RING9, Software for Hybrid-cloud Data Storage

SAN FRANCISCO🇧🇷 Nov. 17, 2022 — Scality announced today RING9 — the ninth generation of its leading RING scale-out file and object storage software — a solution that allows IT teams to build and run a modern hybrid-cloud data storage infrastructure with higher performance and efficiency. RING9 is built on major investments in Scality’s flagship … Read more

Use Live Activities on Your iPhone to Track Scores, Rides, Pets, Chats, Tasks, Workouts, and More at a Glance « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Live Activities is Apple’s hottest new feature for iPhone, but it’s not always straightforward. Sometimes you’ll trigger one without realizing it, but it may seem frustratingly impossible to start one when you really want it. What Are Live Activities? First appearing on iOS 16.1, Live Activities show real-time information or the most current data available … Read more

New Navigation System With 10 Centimeter Accuracy

A new hybrid optical-wireless network has been developed for navigation that is far more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings. Researchers have developed an alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings. An alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially … Read more