Everything Your iPhone Can Do With a Screenshot

photo: Farknot Architect (shutterstock) We all take screenshots on our iPhones. Maybe you want to share an Instagram post outside the app; maybe you want to keep receipts in the argument you’re having; maybe you accidentally took a screenshot for the millionth time. Whatever the reason, screenshots are second nature to most iPhone users. But … Read more

Deep Work: A Better Way to Measure Developer Velocity

Estimating developer work is more art than science. Devs typically use story points or hours for their estimations, or sometimes they’ll use a “planning poker” exercise to determine what they can accomplish in a given sprint. But these estimations are not an accurate measurement of dev team velocity. Take story points, for example. How many … Read more

Introducing the Un-carrier On from T-Mobile – the Smartest, Flyest Carry-On Ever

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleek design. Incredible storage. Wireless charging. The Un-carrier’s latest product is stylish AF (and functional) and ready to roll … literally. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today unveiled the Un-carrier On—a new smart, very-magenta suitcase in collaboration with Samsara Luggage (OTCQB: SAML). Because yes, the Un-carrier really is that passionate about helping people explore the … Read more

Startup Apiiro Raises $100M to Secure Software Supply Chain

Application Security, Next-Generation Technologies & Secure Development AppSec Startup Forgoes Reported Palo Alto Deal In Favor of $100M Series B Funding Michael Novison (MichaelNovinson) • November 3, 2022 Idan Plotnik, co-founder and CEO, Apiiro (Image: Apiiro) The startup that was reportedly almost acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $600 million has instead raised $100 million … Read more

Danville to roll in new transit projects, including new mobile app for reserving bus rides

Changes are coming to Danville’s mass-transit system to make it more efficient and user-friendly for customers. A new mobile app for reserving bus rides and more than 300 new signs with QR codes at the city’s bus stops enabling riders to track their buses are planned and should be available in January, said Danville Transportation … Read more