Apple’s Big Change Showcases This New Megatrend

Dave Gilbert here, Editor of Smart Money. Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. If you’ve bought any Apple Inc. (AAPL) products through the years – and chances are you have based on the iPhone now claiming 50% of US market share – you’ve probably seen that language printed on the box. It pretty … Read more

Everything New in the Latest iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 Betas: Stage Manager Expansion, Wallpaper Tweaks and More

Apple today released new betas of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 to developers, tweaking some of the functionality that’s been introduced in prior betas and in the case of iPadOS 16.1, adding a major new feature to Stage Manager. We’ve rounded up everything new in both betas below. Wallpaper Updates Apple has updated the Wallpaper … Read more

Open Source Initiative expands its role to AI and machine learning

Wright Studio — Shutterstock In the beginning, all software was “free software” and “open source.” But, as software became commercialized, almost all software became proprietary. In revolt against this, Richard M. Stallman (RMS) took James Gosling’s Emacs text editor and relicensed it under the GNU Public License (GPL), the first free software license, in 1983. … Read more

Podcasters Are Buying Millions of Listeners With Mobile Ads

Podcasters are always hunting for new, flashy places to promote their shows, ranging from billboards to floats in parades to airplane banners. Some networks, though, have uncovered a less-glamorous, yet highly effective way to gain millions of bankable listeners: loading up mobile games with a particular kind of ad. Each time a player taps on … Read more

iPhone Browser Running Slow? Try This Simple Trick

iPhones are handy, versatile devices used by more than half of American smartphone owners. They can help you easily find a new recipesee what the weather is going to be like tomorrow and find the name of the actress in HBO’s The Last of Us (it’s Bella Ramsey). iPhones are multitools that help people every … Read more

Trombone Champ Is a Perfect Game

It’s late in the evening, and I am watching along on my computer as a jovial-looking cartoon man named Beezerly lives out many peoples’ worst nightmare, confidently honking for a crowd on a brass instrument he cannot play. The moment the song picks up its tempo, Beezerly is outmatched. The bass marches in perfect time … Read more

Mobile keeps contract with AltaPointe over one councilman’s objections

This story will also appear in tomorrow’s edition of the Lede, a digital news publication delivered to our subscribers every morning. go here to subscribe. AltaPointe’s performance contract with the city was again in jeopardy Tuesday as the Mobile City Council worked to pass the city’s budget for the 2023 fiscal year. Ultimately, despite vocal … Read more

Chris Perfetti on ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 2, Emmy Wins

Chris Perfetti has two litmus tests when reading a new project: The script should make him laugh out loud in a public place, and the thought of another actor playing the character should fill him with jealousy. Abbott Elementarythe hit mockumentary-style sitcom about a group of passionate educators—and a slightly tone-deaf principal—at an underfunded Philadelphia … Read more

New studio Embark announces new free-to-play shooter, The Finals

Four years ago, Electronic Arts’ chief design officer left to co-found his own studio, created with Nexon’s backing. On Monday, Patrick Söderlund’s studio showed off its first game: The Finalsa squad-based, free-to-play multiplayer shooter inspired by sci-fi bloodsport narratives like Squid Game and The Running Manwhere pretty much everything on the game’s maps can be … Read more